Anybody reached Diamond Master yet?

any1 season 5 d5 yt??

Yeah, many people have.

ive seen a lot of pll d5 last season slowly working their way up but havn’t seen a single d5

They are out there.

Met a D4 90% who was running SOLO the other night. Dude was possibly the sickest beast I’ve ever played with in this game. My buddy (who is already D2 this season and has diamond mastered in prev seasons) said, “Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve been carried.” :smile:

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Wait people actually reached diamond 5 so quickly? Woud have thought it would take a bit of a while tbh.

It goes off previous seasons so if you were a Diamond 5 and then it will let you get there faster.

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Season 5 had been out for a few days and people are already D4-D5?

Yes, I’ve seen a few. I helps if you have a decent Season 4 rank, as well as plenty of free time.

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And a very good 5-Stack :+1:

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Met a team of diamonds and 2 of them where diamond 5s yesterday in koth

when you take into consideration that your last seasons ranking counts for placementmatches this season, they probably got placed as gold or onyx at least and made it up quite quickly. can confirm this personally… had gold 3 last season and started as silver 3, which is insane for me personally, as i started as bronze in season 3.