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Anybody over 35 have slower reaction times in gears

In this age of gaming. If it feels like I’m playing slowly my age does not come into question. To me I ask myself
Is there lag?
How is the connection?
Most of all. Is the person moving faster than me hacking the game?

It’s mostly option 1 or 2. Believe it or not option 3 happens more often than I like. Especially on particular games.


Agreed, I know for a fact a busy lifestyle, and kids, has a major affect on general Gears concentration :joy:

The joys.


Haha, no… I’m in favor of balanced teams!! :slight_smile: Of having an accurate ranking/rating system and making sure the teams are balanced, without too great of a dispersion of ranks with in the team…


My dad can’t win chainsaw duels. I tell him you gotta go dead armed and vibrate your thumb on the button like all these kids do.


That’s what I was thinking of buying

Over 35? Red bull and a family size bag of skittles will get those reaction times back to where they belong.

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I’m also in my 60’s and play Horde several times a week, but rarely have time for 1-50 runs (8 re-ups). I don’t feel like my reflexes have slowed, but I’ve always had great hand-eye coordination. Was at a store recently, had walked in front of my cart in a busy aisle, and quickly flipped the cart around to go back the other way. Only problem was that I had filled the “baby seat” part of the cart so full that 2 items flew out of the cart, about a foot apart from each other. Without thinking I reached around the cart and caught both items, one with each hand, just before they hit the ground. I quickly looked around, hoping that someone saw it. But no, sadly, I only impressed myself. has a reflex test for PC users. Not sure how valid it is, but I tried it 30+ times and routinely scored between 24-32 years old according to it. Also tried it on my iPhone and scored even younger (eliminates the time it takes the mouse to “click”).


First try said im 37, then 32, then 28, then 21. Best I got was 274 milliseconds and they didn’t even give me an age. It said “Were not sure your an actual human being” lol
I’m sure I can pull a trigger that fast but I guarantee the shot won’t hit anything :stuck_out_tongue:
The faster I shoot the less accurate I am.

I got the non-human thing twice as well. I think it doesn’t count since they figure you were anticipating the click. Still kinda funny.

And you make a great point about reactions and accuracy. It’s one thing to be able to quickly spot an enemy, and another to quickly figure where to bounce, turn, aim and pull the trigger.

I think you might be in denial about the effects of ageing. :grin:

If you take out the ones where I was anticipating it, it gave me the reaction time of a 39 year old. Better than I was expecting with a hand tremor, tbh. I don’t know how many times I’ve pulled the trigger a split second too late and chewed out my character for my slow reactions :joy:. I seem to do better when I’m able to sneak around and outthink them or snipe them.

Yep I do Op in my fifties, it certainly slows my reaction,:cry:sadly

Good to see so many older gamers in one thread. Also in my fifties and I’m ok I think. OP, check if your tv has a game mode setting, I recently bought the 65" Curved Samsung, the tv automatically changes to game mode when you boot up the game, it helps a lot.


The problem is competing with youth who also have supplies of redbull n skittles, they’re not human man!!


It could be incorrect or out dated but I remember googling the average gamer. Some article I saw claimed the majority of gamers are men in their 30s and above. People who grew up with the Nintendo. I don’t find that hard to believe one bit. It may seem like the majority of people online are little kids whose testicles haven’t descended yet but I don’t believe the are the majority. They don’t have jobs to afford a game when it comes out :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s why the SNES mini is so popular. I hacked the thing and tricked my 17 year old nephew to play the first Mega Man. He couldn’t do it lol
“Where’s the button to run? How do you play this game?”
“You think your games are hard. I grew up playing this ■■■■. Your games are child’s play compared to what I was playing at your age!”

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I agree, I grew up playing in the arcades. Asteroids, Pacman, Defender, Kiss Pinball etc. By the time the first consoles landed I was employed and could afford them.

As for what you did to your nephew, I get kicks seeing my children struggle with older games. Especially Pacman, I can clock it at 999 999 as I learned the routes.

It’s funny seeing them freaking out when the ghosts chase them lol.

And soon they’ll have diabetes.

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YES! then they’ll be overweight, slow and dying, and that’s when I’ll strike, that’s when I’ll be a big man again!

Thanx Pepper needed that :grin:

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Then their parents will sue Skittles and red bull. Then the government will ban it because some ■■■■■■ parents let their kids od on red bull.

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So long as all that transpires AFTER I beat a defenceless, sick, dying child, we good :muscle: