Anybody noticed the working video game "shooter" on blood drive? Possible easter egg?

In the small room off of Diners Spawn on blood drive their is a working arcade game you can press x to interact with. Its next to 2 others that are completely dead. Ironically the name of the arcade game is “shooter”. When you interact with it it lets you just push a button or two. I was wondering since the name is “shooter” , maybe their is something to it like the arcade room opening up in district? Maybe you have to shoot something? I unloaded all my ammo from every gun i was holding into it…but nothing. Maybe I just havent cracked the code. Any thoughts?


This is just a small interactible that would make an arcade noise in Gears 4 with nothing more behind it. Same thing in Gears 5, I believe.

There also used to be Trashball tables on Lift/Lift Apex and Rustlung that had some Cole lines play when you activated them iirc. Or they played some other sound effect.

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@AmicableWall421 y eah…i just didnt remember it being a working machine. Honestly never really had much reason to even go in that room. Was playing versus AI to get a challenge done and was just farting around.

I remember there also used to be a fire alarm you could trigger on Checkout in 4. Sadly, that same button no longer seems to do anything in 5.


If you twirl your smoke around you can still get downed by it. I think it just works in the Home Goods spawn but idk.

checkout fire alarm was from 3 first, not 4

And yes, it does something… lol… since you mentioned 4 (and this isn’t an attack) and not 3, it stands to reason that you started playing gears on 4 (Again, not an attack, but there’s a point to this), right? Well, the reason I know this is because the fire alarm, when pulled would set off the alarm, but that’s not the end of it. On the 360, due to hardware limitations, if you twirled any grenade and pulled the alarm, it would freeze the game for everyone in the match. The same thing happened on the gears 3 map called “depths” with a piano you could interact with.

Anyway, they patched the fire alarm, and on checkout in gears 3, gears judgment, gears 4 and now gears 5, if you twirl any kind of grenade while pulling the alarm, you get a wonderful surprise. This “surprise” was implemented to stop ppl from intentionally freezing everyone’s game on gears 3, but it’s still in the game… more as an Easter egg now.

I won’t spoil it here. You have to experience it yourself. Make sure the option to pull the alarm appears when you stand there before trying to twirl the grenade. If it looks like you can interact with it, do what I said and all of this will make sense.



Don’t give away what it does… I always try to let em find out first hand lol

The fire alarm was the start of the dancing wretch easter egg in gears 3, u would also be able to use the fire extinguisher to execute ppl or just spray ppl with it :rofl:

Pretty much right. I played the Campaigns of Gears 2/3(and UE later) but never really ventured out into the MP until Gears 4.

That’s right!! I totally forgot about the dancing wretch and the fire extinguisher. Omg!!

I can’t believe it’s been 8 years now since the gow3 era… and the silly Easter eggs like that!! Man… I miss that stuff. Now that you reminded me of the checkout stuff, it made me think about other Easter eggs in gow3. Another one that made me laugh… the giant golden fire breathing bird of death in the beginning of the campaign. Even when tryin to activate that one, when Marcus (or whoever I guess) says “hellooooooo” into the pipes, even the way that’s said made me laugh. Idk why, it’s not like it was super funny, but I just remember that it always made me laugh, probably because the first time I saw the golden beast spawn in, I was dying of laughter, so I guess stuff associated with it just made it funny to me. Who knows lol.

Anyway, thx for reminding me of the checkout stuff!! Can’t believe I completely forgot about the whole thing. Good stuff!!!

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I hope you don’t think I was having a go at ya or anything like that… I just wanted to repeat that I meant nothing rude or insulting by the way I wrote all that stuff out & im just making sure you took no offense.

There’s always fun little gems to find and this was one of those times where I wanted to be specific so you could go experience the fire alarm button first hand. I even forgot part of the Easter egg and @eviljas247 reminded me of some great silly stuff that was part of why the alarm was there to begin with. I don’t think the whole Easter egg transferred into the more recent gears games (which I could be wrong about), so it’s worth lookin up old videos to see the entire Easter egg in all its glory (if you haven’t already).

No, I was just clarifying my standpoint. I meant to say, when I would hit the alarm button in Gears 4 it seemed to trigger a fire alarm. In Gears 5 you can push it but it doesn’t even seem to do that.

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I remember on anvil there was them large munition type things u could shoot and they blew up but i dont think anyone found out if it was to do with an easter egg tho.

Would u be able to get any information about this subject on anvil easter egg on gears 3 @TC_Sera if not no worries👍

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Could just have been an environmental hazard, I distinctly remember there being artillery shells or something in the Gears 3 Campaign that could be shot to explode and kill nearby enemies. Or in one particular case a scripted sequence where they could be used to blow up turret emplacements by kicking a rail mounted cart with those things into them.

On clocktower if u shoot the statues they turned into doms face i think??

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I think that was the one that gave everyone dom’s beard! Lol. That one was funny too!! Seein Anya or Sam with his beard… lol. Funny stuff!!

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They were in places u couldnt get to, which makes me suspicious of an easter egg.

I am not speaking up to any Easter Eggs… That makes them Easter Eggs… :wink:



Guess we will never know☹


It can only be used once per game. If any of them is used, they’re all disabled after.