Anybody miss having different weapon skins for swarm and cog

Any chance we can choose different skins for swarm and cog in the future like in gears four. If not I understand. I would use rocket league as an example as well. It gives us a chance to show off skins more skins that fit the different sides better. Thank you for your time and consideration.


You mean like the Team Insignia skins from Gears 3? Yeah I miss those too.

I think he means like let your Cog loadout be different than your Swarm loadout, for Versus.



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Yeah and horde and escape. Like …wtf where did TC drop the ball on this?

Havent gotten a weapon skin yet

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I wish I  could set skins for every character just like  the horde options.
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Gears 4 definitely had better customization mechanics.

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I agree we need that back asap

Ah, fair enough, so loadouts then. I still miss the insignia skins though.