Anybody have a free day boost code?

Please if you do. Thanks

There is a code for a day of boost? I only know that you need to spend iron to buy 1 day

I vaguely remember there was a Rockstar(or something) energy drink promotion where you could get codes for stuff like boost from the cans.

I doubt these are still circulating. Or they would be difficult to find. If that’s what is meant by the OP.

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There was also Pringle’s you could get that would give you free boost.


I tried to find these on Germany without luck.

I forget about boost codes for Rockstar, even when I bought them :roll_eyes: I just bought them for the can and skins, the beverage went down the sewer).

If I’m not mistaken those codes have an expiration date, I know that Rockstar “redeem code” page is not working anymore, but I don’t remember about the codes per se

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They stopped allowing codes at about February I believe.

Kinda embarrassed by how many I bought in the end but I got a fair few days of boost from that. At least I didn’t have to buy iron in-game to buy boost though.

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I’m in Australia. There’s a shop near by that sells American food, chips, snacks, candy and chocolates. Me and my wife were in it about 3 months ago and I saw those. The code was already expired on it but I just bought them for the novelty and the cheesy goodness :grin:


Love cheddar cheese. Hmeep,hmeep.

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