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Anybody got shotgun tips for gears 5

Idk what it is but I’m getting whooped in Gnasher fights and help would be appreciated.


Shoot in general direction of enemy.



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That does seem to work.

When the server issues calm down, skill will become more important.


When my ping evens out to 10. Eventually.


Manipulate cover, ensure you have right-shot (as in if you are on a corner, the wall is on your left, leaving your gun exposed, rather than the wall being on your right forcing you to expose your hit box in order to attack) and if you don’t get first shot in, run away and live to fight another day.

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Thanks bro

If you’re playing anything that isn’t Execution or Escalation then shotgun fights are far more about timing than dodging/lots of movement IMO. The aim assist means it’s easy for you hit the 1-2 shots neccesary to down someone at mid range in this game, so seriously think about when to popshot and when to strafe/bounce.

I spent way too long trying to outstrafe people or bounce around in a 2 v 1 just getting smashed before I could even fire a shot before I started to figure it out lol.

Always shoot 2nd. That what it seems like every encounter is like. Second to shoot always wins, while the first to shoot gets those nasty 98-93% hits.

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Pulling the trigger whilst aiming at your opponent seems to help, though granted this only seems to work 20% of the time


Lol, it almost feels like this but it’s not always true. I do admit shooting second because you made him miss only to blow him into pieces feels great.

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“You did 1% damage in 1 hit”

w/ a Gnasher? Which pellet in my round does 1% because I want to have a word with you immedistely!

(The pellet hit notification shows every pellet hit)

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It’s called damage drop off. Pellets do less damage the further they have to travel.

Obviously, I’m not some Gears noob, lol.

These are point blank shots. That’s why it’s like “am I being trolled by the fake numbers”.

It’s all good.

I basically chalk the 1% to the game giving an incorrect number. It’s just funny to see.

Apologies, it’s hard to know when someone is being serious or not on these forums at times. :slight_smile:


Don’t miss