Anybody for Horde

I’ll post in this thread when I’m on if anybody wants to join.

25 on insane Horde Mania, send me a message on xbox, first in best dressed.

I’ll look you up later today. What class do you need?

All maxed for me my friend, happy to play any class. Also by the time you look me up I’ll probably be sleeping haha

Jumping on in 5 if anybody wants to play.

Ah, considering I still have about 7+ hours left of shift… It seems our time to game does not match up. :pensive:

Unfortunately not my friend. One day though.

Always down for horde. Add me if we can get together I can play an engineer heavy or scout

add my gamer tag “MOODYTEMPER4k”

Time for some Gears, first in best dressed.

Gears o’clock who is in??

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