Anybody figure out the chat issue for the small minority of players?

Since they made the change to turn off chat by default I haven’t been able to see anyone’s in game text chat. I checked and the chat is in when going to options-game. I Uninstalled and reinstalled the game and I can’t see any of my friends or random peoples chat.

For example, my friends have to tell me when someone writes something. Also if I write something nobody will be able to see it.

You can’t do anything to fix it, from what I can tell based on a friend who also has this issue. Just need to have TC fix it since they had to break it for the “safe space” in PvP while characters throw insults at their opponents and what have you. (Ok, they don’t go to the same extreme as what some players say in the text chat but honestly, it wasn’t worth breaking it completely for some players.)

It’s under investigation


Something of note that indicates its not tied to the account or anything.

I had the bug affecting me when playing on my OG Xbox One. Just got a Series X, and I can see text (and other people can see mine).

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Bug in Gears?


Said this in another post but ill repeat it here also…

My friend had this issue, couldnt see chat and we couldnt see his, he then bought a series S and chat works fine for him now, he was on an og xb1 before.

Perhaps a profile recover may fix this🤔
I have had zero issues with chat.