Anybody experiencing stuttering on the Xbox Series X

Its pretty annoying and im not sure if it is a hardware issue or software issue.

I thought that was how gears ran on everything…

When I played gears 5 on the one X it ran smooth, on the xbox series X there is consistent notable frame drops while im playing mp.

This happens when I don’t have VRR enabled.

This is happening on a higher end PC also.

I’m getting stutters and at worst screen freezing for two seconds at a time. Nvidia and Gears stats state my frame rate isn’t actually dropping but even if it was this issue needs to be fixed. I’ve spoken with several PC friends who have noticed it got worse with OP5 but it’s even worse since the new HiveBusters DLC came out.

@TC_Sera, any update on these concerns? Unfortunately I can’t play this game with these issues and downgrading drivers to make Gears play well will only create compatibility issues with newer games. These issues have existed since OP3 but have gotten worse with each big update.