Anybody else's game crashing after they die?

Just happened to me. Got killed, the screen cut to black as I switch to spectator mode, then crashes to the dashboard.

That use to happen to me everytime I played on river. I then Got an updated wire that apparently was “ancient” that connected from my outside telephone to inside the house. I got a new router that’s the standard new version that router sellers have. (Maybe giga hrz, and not megabytes)

Plus I got an Xbox series s. If it still happened to me and I just don’t remember it was on a different map besides river. Thus it’s on TC’s end. I played alot since and it hasn’t happened to me since unless this occurrence did happen after all that, (which would have happened on an Xbox one, not series s most likely.)

This happened to me in Halo: Infinite today. It’s happened to me with a number of games actually - a few weeks ago it happened on Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. It’s not just a GOW thing and I expect the cause of this is the same issue across many games.

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