Anybody else think we’re going to get Gridlock for Operation 4

I got this strange feeling TC are going to bring back Gridlock in Operation 4, I don’t know how I feel about that if they did.

If they do I hope they at least put some effort into it visually and not be lazy and do an exact copy like they’ve done with all the other maps from Gears of War 4.

…I know someone on this forum who will be overjoyed if that happens.


Not me😪

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Community: new maps pls

TC hears: “we want gridlock”

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seeing as the map has been in testing since before launch TC should just throw it in

When it comes back, I’d to see it heavily overrun with Swarm matter at least. How it’ll play on Gears 5 remains to be seen but it’s definitely en route.

Especially since @ll_R_E_D_l continues to so passionately petition for it.

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I’ll be back in an hour to re edit this post after a certain someone edits it first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. No actually I won’t because I LOVE Gridlock.


First off, it WILL be a lazy copy, TC seems incapable and/or unwilling to do anything beyond a simple copy and paste when it comes to remakes (give me one example of them remaking a map that “feels” different than original)

Second, I think them releasing it in OP4 would be pointless, simply because its just about the least exciting map they could release (nobody is gonna be like “oh my god, haven’t played this in years” or whatever like they would with other maps.

Lastly I think they’re just waiting for the right moment, either Xbox Series X launch or it’ll be the last map released for Gears 5 (it would be ironic that the last map for Gears 5 would also be the map that started it all, that sort of thing)

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I like Gridlock, and i am surprised it has not been added sooner.

Where is Checkout, not seen that in a while. A long while.


Gridlock will apprear for sure, but I’m not sure if with Op4 or later. But lately they make too many references to Gears 1 (in whats up, they claim they want to try to bring execution 4v4)to at least suspect Gridlock will happen in Gears 5.

I mean you could always just boot up Gears 4 and play it my guy… Servers are still solid and it still maintains a healthy population even now…

I like checkout as much as the next guy but holy crap what a boring map to remake, I want maps that aren’t remade every Gears game for a change; Jacinto, Mansion, Trenches, Sanctuary, Highway, Pavilion, etc.

Gears has so many good maps in its history that TC are set for life when it comes to remakes, they don’t even need to make new maps anymore (especially considering the quality of maps recently) so I just wanna see something interesting or unexpected for a change. I want TC to impress me.

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me neither @GhostofDelta2 I hate that f**ng map .

Exactly :joy:

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i rather would like TC to add a SESAME STREET MAP featuring COUNT COUNTS boss instead of GRIDLOCK:

@o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o Imagine COUNT COUNTS with a Freedom Lancer !!


If they were to add Gridlock, I’d be ok with that IF they would have to make changes to the map, same as they did with Icebound. That way, there can’t really be an incentive to camp in the areas, around the boltok spawns and maybe even the Longshot.

However, if there’s no planned changes, it should stay out of Gears 5.

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bruh where you been?

Anyways what would be the point of remaking a map (for fans) to just turn around and slap in the face like that? It kinda defeats the purpose in my eyes.

If anything I just wanna see visually interesting remakes, GOW3 had tons of these from Raven Down to Jacinto to Gridlock, they didn’t just copy and paste maps like what TC seems to do.

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If they bring back Gridlock, I’m hoping they add a option to disable it :unamused:.

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Bring it back

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To give the map some kind of needed change similar to Jacinto in Gears 3 and Blooddrive in Judgment