Anybody else struggle to find good players?

I Typically never manage to find good players to play gears with… Or people that are friendly. I’d like to play with people that are my skill and that have a nice personality . I try to be nice and be optimistic but i need everyone to attempt to be the same.

I’m from New Jersey we are ignorant for the most part lol but I am a good guy I just like to have fun. I don’t like to play with players that wanna be the Sergeant. I like to do my thing and they do theirs. Sometimes they will quit because you don’t follow their orders. Well just a hint don’t take video games serious. And if you’d like add me on Xbox Live. Mainly a King of The Hill player (Ranked Only). I play horde sometimes

I’m in CT/NYC depending but feel free to hmu gamertag same as forum name…it’d be nice to have another east usa player on call

Send me an invite whenever you want to play.

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