Anybody else see a lambent drone?

Just saw one in a FFA match. Asked him where he got the skin and his response was “you have to be the first I think”. Has hacker written all over it. I came in second with 15 kills when he won.

The skin was avilible for a very short period of time when op5 launched.

Another botch by TC? Im on everyday and didnt see anything about this.


Pretty sure the Lambent Drone or any other Lambent characters have yet to be released besides Lambent RAAM. I don’t know if you’re aware about the first place effect in FFA that TC added and maybe you’ve mistaken it for a Lambent Drone?

If you’re in first place in FFA it gives you a yellowish flame on your character.

He was probably just playing as the standard Drone but had that effect on him.


OK thanks, that makes sense. Strange addition but I see the point so you know who you should priortize to kill.