Anybody else purchase the deluxe Carmine pack and did not receive the poetic justice weapon skins?

So silly me went and purchased the deluxe Carmine pack when it first dropped only to just notice it now includes poetic justice weapon skins.

Anyone else experienced this problem?

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It came with weapon skins? Could’ve sworn that I only saw sprays and banners outside of the character skins.

They were missing from the lack when it came out, but the xbox store said they were there from the start, TC just forgot to put them in when it came out. As to answer OPs question no I haven’t recieved mine either

Okay, booted up the game and I don’t have them. Although I still don’t have that Wyvern Gnasher either.

Let’s hope TC can fix this ASAP.

Too bad they can’t release an update without ONE problem.


I’m just going to check:
No I do not have either

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Yea, I didnt even know there were weapons skins when I bought it so I’m not really tripping, just a nice bonus ig

It will probably take TC a bit of time to give these skins to people who bought the bundle early.

I remember when TC sold a weapon set which had different country’s flags on them, and one or two individual weapons in some packs had the wrong flag on them (I think the UK set featured a single weapon with the US flag on it or something) and TC took a few days (or weeks?) to change this. Not ideal obviously, but TC are aware and will resolve this.


If we get them. I’m not either, I don’t really care for them. They look better than the Maria skins (but similar) but the white red and green is just sorta gaudy for me. Would’ve looked better without the green.

Nice bonus but still an issue that should be kept on TC.

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This was the US Boltok in the UK set I believe, or the other way around.

It’s strange how the purchase options in the store always work flawlessly but the actually content never does sometimes.

I’m still yet to use any skin more than once or twice before returning to than Black Phantom, just such a smart

I really hope that TC eventually let us equip diff skins to each character, we can with execution, banner etc, so why not.

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yeah i didnt receive my skins either i only got it for my retro lancer

The wyvern gnasher will be added 2 weeks from last Sunday.

Ah, right on time.

Yup. Same here. Don’t have them. Didn’t realize until my bro told me there were weapon skins in the deluxe bundle. Hopefully they fix this since you know, I paid to have all of the content.

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well thats great

I don’t know what the skin looks like at all

you can look at it in the store or in your weapon selection

Oh I have to wait until the afternoon also I think people who haven’t bought the bundle will get it immediately and people who bought the bundle already will have to wait in the near future

looks that way