Anybody else feel ranked matches are unfair?

Nearly every match I get put in feels stacked (opponents usually win with 7 or 8 respawns) and it’s been CONSISTENT. On PC I’ll get average of 13 elimination, 7 downs and 3 deaths. On console I’ll die 8 times, get 3 eliminations and 1 down AAAAAND lose the match every time. What’s the deal? Matches feel like the opponents have way better luck and get the upper hand.

Ill also clearly get a gnasher kill and the game wont register, then get killed the same way because my kill didnt register, as indicated by the killcam.

Fix your game, it’s not fun at this point on console.

I think most people play with friends and are probably in constant communication with one another…also right now we all start at silver so the game doesn’t hv a way to tell if you are bronze or actually Gm…which is possible for the poor experience

That sounds right, and I know itll be fixed a month from now, but man is it obnoxious to play right now. Also, I’d agree, but I’m playing ranked team deathmatch, so were all random.

Also, my lancer seems to take at least 4-5 seconds of direct hits to down, and I’m getting downed in 3? Which makes all the difference. I see players teleporting a lot too. My connection is a 400mb speed, so it’s not me I dont think

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I get that alot in this game or you could get up cluse get the gib but to let you down with 98% damage done really ridiculous

Yeah, it feels like it always gives twitch players and rushers the upper hand with the gnasher, but it never works when I try.

Don’t forget you get matched with US players if you are in the UK and vise versa so you always have over 100 ping,


Servers working? Have a laugh

I was having that problem too but from my experience you have to aim much high with you gnasher when blind firing and you will get the one shot(I’m assuming it’s a head shot modifier on the gnasher)…now be mind for me this only works when blind firing idk what to do to get a ads one shot that never works for me

That’s true too. It seems like it’s worth it to wait a week or two to save my sanity, it’s just too frustrating cause it feels like deaths are 50/50 for fair and unfair right now.