Anya is well Respected and Represented

I have to say “The Coalition” has given lots of respect to Anya in this game. The game does not tell us what happened to her, but I feel like that will be answered soon. Why do you ask that I say that “The Coalition” has given her respect?

This may be silly, but she doesn’t have a zombie character or any off the wall skins on multiplayer. They are only distinguished skins. Has anyone thought this or noticed? Do you think there is a reason behind this?

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Maybe she didn’t really die. Maybe her and Clayton Carmine had an affair and ran off so Marcus just killed her in his head to deal with the emotional pain.

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day of the dead anya is a silly skin imo

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We got Zombie JD, Zombie Del, Zombie Kait, even though they never died yet in Gears 4.
Just because there wasn’t Zombie Anya, doesn’t mean she’s alive.

Anya is alive dammit! Don’t ruin my fantasies of her being an unfaithful little thot.

Does anyone know why there’s no zombie Anya?

That might give too much details away on how she dies.
Like Zombie Anthony had a bullet hole in his skull.
Benjamin had his guts torn out.
If we saw Anya’s Zombie version, it could ruin how she died by examining her character model.
Just a speculation.

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That’s very interesting … never thought of it like that Thank you so much …Anya is my favorite character in the franchise just was curious and frustrated not knowing also just seeing a tombstone with no sense of knowing how or if she is really dead is annoying but Guess I will have to wait to see if 5 adds some details but again Thank you :kiss:

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I was just noticing all of this one night when I was looking at characters. Hope its a deeper meaning like I am thinking.

She got replaced by Kait.

Shouldn’t Zombie Dom be charred and covered in immulsion then?

No, we never saw the corpse.
It would be up to TC design choices.
Look at Zombie Dom’s eyes, yellow imulsion looking eyes.

You go to her grave, Kait is wearing JD’s mom’s armor who is mentioned to be Anya. JD asks why Marcus never cleans off “mom’s grave”. The tombstone he is talking about is Anya’s.

She’s dead.

This may be why she has only distinguished skins in multiplayer then. TC is showing her respect. I give them that if she is dead, and yes I remember the tombstone. A fan can hope…:sunglasses:

You are correct sir!

i mean it’s not really a secret? JD even says “it was my mom’s” in the cut scene

Agreed but not a lot of people pay attention lol

i’d also like to point out that they said on stream the only reason anya doesnt have a zombie skin is so it remains a secret how she died

Interesting, I wonder what the real causewas?..maybe she didn’t die and Marcus is keeping it a secret?..Maybe she Turned?

Hopefully TC will shed some light on it the future

if i had to guess i’d say rustlung killed her since her and everyone else was around imulsion a lot of the time and maybe she had a much weaker immune system