Any weapons of your choice!

I wonder if TC will ever give us a mode where we can use any weapons of our choice. I’d like to see what the outcome of having that choice would be like. They should trial it with King of The Hill on the developer playlist to get some feedback from the players. I’m sure it would be fun to play without limits and do as you want. Anyone agree that they should consider it?

Edit: I think Domination would be a better fit for any weapon mode. Not being limited to only 1 spot so it would be more challenging to dominate only 1 spot

Do you mean load out ? if so balancing is the issue there I assume. If you mean on maps, we almost have that anyway albeit across multiple maps.

I totally miss the load out options of 3 and J. If I could start with any rifle it would be the Retro, and I say that as a Chainsaw Massacre type guy :wink:

When I say any weapon I really mean it. Even power weapons included just giving players the choice of playing with any weapons the game has to offer.

Everyone: Freedom Lancer :+1:



(Body is a complete sentence)


that would be amazing to see and having people use one boomshot, snipers, drop shots, digger launchers, buzzkills or cyro canon. The only power weapons should be hammer of dawn and one shots

Boomshots or Dropshots for everybody. Let the carnage ensue. Explosives FFA can be quite fun due to its even more chaotic nature compared to regular FFA. I know that from when I once played a rockets only FFA event in a different game.


Yeessss X2

Surely we almost have this in Arcade mode :+1: just need to add older weapons, which is not going to happen.
With the power of the Nextbox Gears 6 should have EVERYTHING from all previous titles, mode,character, map and ALL legacy weapons. I mean it wont… but just imagine.

Retro with the sawed off was the way to roll.

That is the most Scottish thing I’ve seen from you, and I’ve seen the cheese :joy:

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