Any voice lines you guys would like added?

For me personally I really hope the tomato voiceline from gears 3 gets added for Dom
“You F***** up my tomatoes you a**holes!!” It’d be perfect for him. #GardenDomSkin give him a sun hat and everything put a little flower in his bandana too lmao

When you’re running around the map, getting shot at, they should shout out…

You laggy mother ■■■■■■■.

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Join a party with me. I’m constantly yelling about the lag. I’ll plug my mic back into the headset. Shooting a player coming up to me and the screen is suddenly red because my gnasher fired once after three trigger pulls.

Marcus: Remove, “AWW! You’re all TORN UP INSIDE! [big jolly laugh]” Instead add "Hmm, blood, guts, just another day on the job (Gears 2, I think). Add “Cease fire! Dipsh*t (Gears 1 campaign).” as a friendly fire reaction. Modify “Oh, it’s hell bein’ old.” so only Old Marcus variants say it.

Dom: Add “Somebody’s gonna slip on that sh* t and break their neck (Gears 3 chainsaw kill)!” Add “Walk it off, p ***y (Gears 1 revive)!”

Baird: Remove “You want some?” Doesn’t even sound like him.

Anthony: Change the new “Oh yeah!” voice line to the second classic version (says it in a normal volume, not like the headshot or the other active reload). Add the classic “And stay down!” for headshot.

Clayton: Get rid of all “Grub Killer” variations except, “They call me Grub Killer for a reason (Scion kill).” and “Read the armor, a**hole (generic kill)!”

Benjamin: Add “Oh, come on (Gears 2 version jam)!”

All Carmine brothers (not Gary or Lizzie): Remove all references to the fact that they’re Carmines. Lizzie and Gary can pull those lines off naturally, so they can stay.

RAAM: Get rid of all those new voice lines with the exception of interactions, intro dialogues, certain weapon kills, respawn dialogues, and killstreaks. Give all the other non-contradictory voice lines to Sraak instead.