Any Update on Rank Balancing?

Not a rant on rank points or rank gain/loss.

Anyone else finding a lot of imbalanced teams with one of the 2 scenarios recently, especially in KOTH?

  1. One team favored significantly (up to 7000 points)

  2. The team points are balanced, but there are clearly lower skilled players on one or both teams (diamonds playing with silver or golds)

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All I’ve heard are crickets so far

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Unfortunate to say the least

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I heard they’re putting it aside because they’re excited for modern warfare


Most people’s 2 month game pass trial ends in a couple weeks too, should be interesting to see if their is a big drop in players.

I wouldn’t trust the team ranks. I’ve had dead simple games where the other team has 10-20k higher rating. Maybe even 30k idk

They kind of hinted in the Stream that’s not a problem

You mean an even bigger one is still to come!?



Yeeaahh…one semi-consistent thing so far is that it’s inconsistent. Maybe season 2 will be more balanced but my expectations are low.

I honestly think the diamonds playing with silver and golds are just friends playing together, The ranking system is just trying to put everyone in a balanced enough game. I think its more fair creating matches where friends of all ranks can play together, than some how segregating the player base where for example, If I’m diamond, I wont be able to queue with my friend who is silver, etc.

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