Any tips for a new player?

I hit level 30 the other day, I can’t play against A.I. anymore because the rookie play list is gone. I’ve played a few games against actual people and I just get decimated and am a drag on my team.

If anyone has some tips, or a dive that would be awesome.

Get ready for so many delays you’ll be going backwards


Quick play is always good for practice. It’s not ranked so you dont really have to worry about a win or letting your team down. Well you will probably run into some hardcore vs players who refuse to lose lol.

Over in custom vs there is always someone hosting a wall bounce and chill match where they pretty much chill and practice wall bouncing and strafing lol

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Congrats and thanks for sticking it through and actually trying instead of being like “man fux This game”
We need more new players in the community like you willing to actually learn the in and outs of the game instead of giving up this is what made gears gears back in the day everyone sucked lol

Anyway with that being said on to topic
When u say u get decimated what do u mean? Are u being out bounced/slide ?
Do u feel ur missing ur shots too much ?
Are u getting beat by advanced maneuvers like an UP A or reaction shot?
If u can pinpoint where u feel ur slacking we can help a lot more…
Or do u feel u need to learn the advanced movement mechanics ?


As an OG player since 2006, I’d say leave while you can because each update keeps making the game worse.

However I recommend adapting to other’s movement style, learning how to bounce, slap shot, anticipate, back “a”, etc.

Learn the maps and power weapons, always be aware of your teamates positions, know when to push and when to wait, use the lancer properly.

Adjust your controller settings to where you’re comfortable; honestly you’ll learn while playing. Good luck mate.


Start saving up for some anger management classes. :laughing: All jokes aside, this game requires a lot of practice to be good in. You’re not gonna be slaying in this game overnight. They’re videos you can watch about advanced movement tips on YouTube and such. Just take the time to learn and practice these moves in private lobbies.

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The ■■■■ is this thread?

Then play Coop vs Ai-Beginner.

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I don’t want to play against A.I anymore. I’m not learning anything there. Thanks for being helpful though.

Keep playing then - Quickplay. Do everyone a favor and stay away as far as possible from Ranked.

Oh, and embrace the bull-■■■■. There’s gonna be a lot.

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Generally missing shots, being out played by people bouncing off walls. I knew it going to be rough, but holy ■■■■ the skiil gap is real lol.

its rough man lol but when you start to learn your gnasher and lancer I think youll enjoy the game more.

YouTube has a lot of good tutorials for learning to wall bounce and It honestly will just take practice and a lot of it to get good and fast at it…as far as missing shots goes mess with ur sensitivity settings till ur comfortably accurate while not too slow turning…and a good tip When blind firing is with skinny characters look at the end of ur barrel For fatter characters a good judge is the point/Bend of the elbow

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The first and probably most important thing to learn is how to blindfire the shotgun and hit shots — don’t worry about bouncing or trying to make other people miss, just try to learn how to hit your shots first.


If you play against better opponents, this is the only way to learn how to get better, learn to use gnasher and lancer snub and the give range and it will get better.

And a lot of patience

Have Fun !

It’s up to you if you want to fight other actual people but it’s a time sink to get “good enough” at competitive play, if you work for a living and have no time or patience for ■■■■■■■■, I would not waste time trying to be good at PVP.

I used to play PVP decently in Gears of War 1-3, and 4 but with 5 I stopped due to having more on my plate for work. I play games to relax and have fun, PVP is not fun but it is anger inducing and there are to many other modes to play instead.

Campaign, coop, horde, escape, and vs AI are more fun to me now.

OP welcome to ranked. Feel free to squad up with me and @Aloha_its_Kyle anytime.

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I see we ditched LFG…

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I hate lfg with a passion

Use the tax com religiously like if your not I battle pop it up.
When aiming use the left stick to line ur self as opposed to the right.
Always try always get a couple shots in before moving in for the one hit shotgun kill even like 3 lancer bullets will make all the in a fight.
Learn to wall bounce it helps for fighting, dodging shots how fast u can traverse the map.
Turn up you sensitivity
U don’t always have to be a slayer, marking teammates and hitting people with crossfire makes it easier for you teammate. One hit can throw off your enemies aim and distract them.
Get good with the power weapons and constantly have these with u.
Use smoke wisely don’t block everyone view for no reason especially on koth.

Delete the game , you’ve missed when it sort of got better . But this game is going way downhill now .

Stand still and hard aim and you’ll kill everyone . Trust me .

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