Any thoughts if they was to change rank in general?

Since they screwed rank in gears 5 and people are just not satisfied with the way it works in general.
Why not just change it to the way gears 2 and 3 had it.

Nobody would have to worry about rank at all. Just play for fun…just make public and social gaming.
Earn content while just playing
I believe this is a better way foward than the way it currently is.
So many people get annoyed and upset and how they placed and rank up when this game should just be fun to play.


I think teamwork went out the window when ranking systems were introduced into gears. Especially solo queuing.

In previous games, it was all about winning, as there was no other goal. Since ranking systems have hit gears, people are understandably so concerned with their own personal performance that they’ll do things like use people as bait to get an easy kill or whatever.

Also the mix of teams made for some interesting games. Gears 5 purposely tries to make unbalanced games to make a specific team win, to try and reward the less favoured team if they can pull off a coup.

It wouldn’t be as bad though, if the ranking system had any sense of sanity behind the implementation.