Any theory’s about what’s gonna come on operation 4?

Just curious but what do you guys think will come to operation 4? I just wanna know other people’s ideas
What’s characters?
New faster movement?
New maps?

Speculation is our downfall

But in the spirit of fun:

1 new map
2 old maps
PvE skills for Carmines


Sadly this was confirmed to not be a thing on the latest dev stream

Dana: “There are no plans to bring PVE skills to the Carmines”

I would have loved to have Anthony have a card where he takes less damage from body shots,
Ben have a card that gives him taunting to leeches from a certain distance (which increases each leve)


So does this mean it’s possible they’re going to unbind roles / classes from characters? I can’t imagine not being allowed to play those three Carmines in PvE.

Very likely. It was either confirmed or strongly hinted at in the past week that this will be the case.

I can’t wait to play as “Thrashball Pro” Lizzie.


I think in no particular order:

-Anthony Carmines updated helmet (TU required to update this in-game)
-New Tour of Duty with the same type of medal\star system that we have seen changed in Op3
-Lancer change, possibly 30 bullets re-instated in the clip, reduced from 40
-2 new maps, we wont see the design shift focus change to produce more maps in Op4, Op5 is more likely which takes us closer to 6 months development time.
-2/3 new characters as standard drop see in previous operations
-PVE update, changes to master difficulty

I believe the changes to Heros\Cards\Classes will appear around Operation 5


I can’t wait to equip my rare custom lancer from Marcus and my common custom lancer from cog gear to get 100% damage bonus :slight_smile:

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Based on some of what I’ve read or heard then I expect a delay for operation 4 :laughing:


I don’t think it’ll work that way.

Anyone else had the idea to slap Cole’s Trashball moves on the DB to pseudo-realize his idea of reviving the sport with the bots hinted at in Gears 4? Assuming they actually let people play it in PvE whenever that change comes.

I don’t think it’ll work that way either but if you can’t mix and match then one of those custom lancers and the grind to max it will be lost and taking things from everybody will ruffle some feathers.
I’m guessing that if they go to classes then there’ll be the separate pools of skills but I have a feeling that there may be some overlapping support skills that’ll still be one of them lost if I’m not wrong.
If you can stack parallel same cards then people hating on Razor hail are going need prozac when I start ripping Razor Hail with Shredder and All The Glory :laughing:

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New Maps!
New super sexy skins for Kait!


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Not sure OP,I’m just going to wait patiently,won’t be long thou weeks are flying by.Tai Kaliso makes a return please🥺

Hopefully not

every other OP has taught me one thing. expect disappointment

Timestamped with Dana saying: “This is sort of the beginning of an evolution that were gonna see uh where eventually you’ll be able to play multiple characters as the way you want in PVE and vice versa. Now the downside of that is the carmines aren’t playable in PVE but they will get there eventually.”

If you couple that with the “no plans for Carmines to have their own PVE skills”, then it must be that characters and classes are getting a divorce.

Fingers crossed this is done in a timely manner.


I think “multiple characters” mean every character except Jack, because it wouldn’t make sense to see a healing beam from human character. Neither the hijacking skill.

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That, and I doubt we will see swarm/locust characters :stuck_out_tongue:

It would if they then gave the character taking that role a TF2 Medic-esque heal beam gun. But hijack wouldn’t make sense. I think making Jack be an exception is fine either way, since his flexibility in moving around the map is unmatched by any character due to floating around, which likely also makes it be why people want him. He could easily go around a wall by going over stuff to get to and hijack a Bastion. Rather than a player risking more to try getting a shot if they don’t have a Boomshot.

I wonder if they will keep Cole’s Trashball moves specific to him. It just seems odd to see other characters doing that, but maybe it’s just me.

Maybe I’m being too much of a purist here but I feel like they should make a separate PvE mode for those who want to use their Swarm/Locust instead of putting them in Horde/Escape which would be rather weird(to me anyway, given that they were always shown to be the enemy, which is something I expect TC continues with Gears 6 as well… cause I doubt there is much of a convincing reason to have any Locust or Swarm choose to turn sides or go neutral in the conflict).

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Cole could become an exception as well. Cole is quite unique as a character and TC would have to add lots of new animations to all other characters if Cole’s skillset was opened up to other characters.

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I wonder how they will organise the skill cards and ultimate and passive abilities?

Two ideas I can think of:

(1) A literal free for all where skill cards are pooled together in one single big pool and players choose 5 skill cards, 1 passive and 1 ultimate ability. This would be very hectic though and no doubt will need lots of testing as some combinations of cards will be game breaking and cause real imbalance. Imagine stacking Keegan’s Shredder with Razor Hail? Or in Escape having a melee character stacking Emile’s Bloody Blade with Big Knife AND Lahni’s Brawler and Venom Blade! That’d be 200% extra melee damage and 150% bleed damage. Plus a left over space for a defence card. It could render some hives a walk in the park.

(2) Organise cards, ultimate and passives into categories based on roles (engineer, support, scout etc). Players choose a particular role and choose 5 cards from that pool plus ultimate and passive.

Some cards will probably be made redundant though. Like Del’s Overclock which will be inferior in every way to Baird’s Global Overclock. I guess you could stack them together so TC probably won’t remove anything.