Any suggestions what kind of different special events can be added to gears

I was thinking about an event wher u cannot be stationery and if u r then krills will damage you over a time or some thing like this
Or can there be 10 man team hoard event

The possibilities are truly endless, however it was decided we needed gridlock and blooddrive added to really spice this game up and take it somewhere new and exciting

I joke of course

SHADOW OF A GEAR :crossed_swords:

Everyone gets swords and all movement/shouting noises get muted and some maps get darkened, melee gets 3x it’s reach and a blade added, can even add a smoke bomb that teleports you back 12feet as the code for that move is already solid :smiley:

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Everyone is drunk and no one can aim, all weapons hip fire only lol



All weapons and equipment osp

That ones got my vote :joy:

How about something like fog of war.
Entire map covered in smoke, cqc weapons only and friendly fire enabled?

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Smoke grenade tag.

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I’m not sure friendly fire is a great idea for public matches, and I’m even surer it’s not a great idea to then be on my team, if I’m not sure, I shoot it :smile:

Was just having a laugh last nite but a hip fire only game type could be fun, tho the gnasher would have to go or it’s jus gona be like any normal game. Lancer and enforcer only would add a feeling of drunkenness, maybe some shocks to get everyone on the floor haha

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Not too sure if it’ll work for gears but I think it might, the standard infection mode but with some twists

Standard infection mode for those who don’t know is where the game starts 9v1 and the 1 is infected, upon killing someone they become infected an switch teams


Infected: 2x movement speed, execution rules, I melee hit to turn opponent, dbno 5sec

Survivors: spawn with 2shot pop boltok, sniper

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…and yes I will continue to promote and bang on about this mode that was overlooked in J :+1::wink:

A thrashball game type that plays similar to Halo grifball


Free for all