Any skins given away on today's fight night?

I spaced on the stream and missed it, anyone know what they gave away?

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Not sure if there was one as it’s the week just after a major event. Does anyone know for sure?

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There was no fight night. Tonight it was a Community stream and the only skin given away was the Corp Enforcer.


Okay cool, I knew there was an event because the timer was counting down but then my mind blanked and I missed it, those corp skins are ugly I think and I can’t scrap them either. Thanks for the info

Yes. It was a dev stream.

I too am not a fan of them either, wish there was some better skins for dev stream.

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Yeah those Corp skins look pretty bad to be honest… (I only got 1 or 2 of them)

If they want more people to watch those Dev streams, they have to come up with some better looking skins in my opinion.