Any person under re-up 50 needs some free xp?

I have a spot free in my lobby, doing LE first kill method. You should get 5k xp per run while standing still and doing nothing.
Playing on a older xbox so its not quickest but free is a free.
Message me on XBOX.


Good on you for helping people out :slight_smile:


Lobby name says "must be reup 60":grin:

Good idea, hope u werent trolled much.


lol i had private lobby so i dont know what you are talking about

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Whats the le first kill method

Lethal Engagements hive on Master. As soon as you walk out the first door, execute the first enemy. When you see the First Blood ribbon, restart the act and then as soon as the screen turns black return to lobby. Rinse and repeat.


Thanks i had seen a similar strat but didnt remember the hive. Appreciate it

I have 2 spots in lobby, but i have Series x now so people with Series x can send me message if you want xp for doing nothing.


How on gods green earth did you get a series X

He gave money to scalpers I would assume.

Was probably a faulty power supply return. There are hundreds/thousands. Had one myself and got a refund

I’m waiting for them to become widely available.

lol you assume a lot guys, i went to shop and bought it. There are plenty where i live.

And yes its very faulty lol but deem its fast and nice.

Gonna be a hot minute from the looks of it.

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Well can you go to the shop and buy me one? I’ll pay you back.

You still doing this? I`ll jump in if you have a spot.

Where do you live?? I wish to visit this fabled utopia.

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