Any one else judge players on their Emblems?

I know that I definitely do. Anytime I see someone on the enemy team with a wings emblem/re-up 10 in the pre-game lobby for Escalation I get so happy cause I know they’re just gonna sit on the home hill.

It happens a lot in Horde I noticed, me and my friend put our emblem as the re-up 1 emblem and searched Inconceivable. It was just me and him in the game before the even saw our ranks.

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Can’t say I take much notice to be honest.


It is not just you. We always judge by first impressions. Whenever I’m playing versus and I see the other team with esports emblems I know it is going to be sweaty. In Horde if I see low re up emblems I know the match isn’t gonna last long xD

For sure…but then again I’ve been playing with Wings 1 and up for a while now and we never have a problem

Good luck judging my Default Gears “4” Emblem.



I try to gauge potential skill based on GT and game level - or should I say I expect higher level players to perform better due to time played but again, this isn’t always the case.

Emblems don’t really have any sway for me.

Although, I haven’t seen anyone with my emblem in over a year :+1:


Na, I judge Based on how well they play. Emblems isn’t really much indicative in most occasions.


What Emblem you using?

No. I know a diamond player who uses the reup 2 emblem.

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I mostly judge off of level. When I’m playing horde and I see a no reup level. I know things are bound to get ugly. But I rarely judge on emblems. I’ve kept the same locust emblem on my character since it came in the Drone/Grenadier pack and I’m sure others do the same.

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You know, I can’t help but imagine if people dont judge by emblem what if a TC employee makes use of their TC emblem and GT and came across a quitter.

That’s poor judgment if that happens and whatever happens next is on them :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes emblems can be very indicative of the person haha.

Depends on my mood. Mostly no. I have had some real surprises from “new” players and vice versa.

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yeah I know its going to be fun when the entire enemy team is using the Mexico emblem


That does not necessarily mean they’re actually from Mexico though . People are usually judgmental because of their high pings and sponginess.

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I don’t judge by emblem… just rank, I have not been playing as much as most folks but clearly emblems and rank do not define your skill. They could have made a new account and Smurf for better records etc etc


Usually I equip my highest level emblem and that’s mostly for horde so other players know that I am not a noob. I still dunno why you can’t see levels in horde lobbies or in ranked lobbies

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only if they have a pro circuit emblem lol… by the way, how do you get the pro circuit emblem?

Buy an eSports pack

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Makes no difference to me at all. I play with the London supporter emblem

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