Any old heads left?

I’m 41. Been playing since Gears 1.

Never been the best MP player, but love the MP game itself.


I’ve been playing since 2007. I’m 44 now. I’m a legend!

I’m 43 been playing since 2006

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I’m 52 :sob: my old eyes are starting to give me problems, especially when using the drop in horde.

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One of these days you “stole” a guardian kill in front of me. You were on the other side of base on Lift Apex.

Your aim seems fine. :+1:

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Me older, lol… My 5 year old son is doing Mario Karts now, but wants to do Gears (we did a private on Dam with no gore, he loved playing as colorblast DB “bad robot”… for a while he’d run around the house and throw little lego “bombs” at me, to “make me cough” (smokes, haha)…

Yeah, have multiple IRL friends my age still playing gears…


Not me mate, haven’t played Versus for about 18 months. Haven’t got the reaction speed anymore :sob:

Im 24 does that count as an old head lol? Ive been playing since gears 1.

Yo juego desde GoW2… buenos tiempos! La saga ha cambiado mucho, cosas a mejor y otras a peor. Pero hay que seguir apoyando!

It was an incon horde run…

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My bad , read it wrong, I’m ok close up it’s longer distances I struggle.:sob:

Almost 40. Been there since day one. Anyone remember glitching out on Subway or Bulletmarsh? Getting kills/killed from nowhere. All the wonderful glitches G2 had to offer.

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First played Gears 1 on my brother’s b-day when he got an Xbox360 on 7th May 2007. I was 19, coming on 20. Been hooked on Gears since that day and still playing now at 31. My favourite memories include the countdown launch to Gears 3 and waking up at the crack of dawn on 20th September 2011 and waiting outside Game in the cold to get the Limited Edition game! All the events on through the old forums at that time were epic. Great memories… then we had Judgment! Lol!

Yeah we are still here. I was 21 when gow1 dropped in 06. I still remember racing to get that seriously gamerpicture. Xbox 360 days were the best, but I think Gears 5 looks promising. Im 33 now but still try and find time to play Gears!