Any old heads left?

Not understanding how being young is a bad thing but all right bud.

Bad thing ? Who said that,

Yep. 32 year old here. Been playing since eday

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I got this game when I was precisely 16 years and 35 days old! Been playing it ever since.

I think we all can relate to the horror of the first time playing Gears 1 Act 3 “Downpour” and first facing the Lambert Wretches.

Well 2007 for me because I got my Xbox 360 when Gears 2 was released


I made a thread like this on the old forum and from the posts it kinda seems that the average age for GOW is roughly 28-30 IMO…I’m 33 now and been playing since E-day

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We about the same age I’ll be 33 on November 7.

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@hotbeatz85 I’ll be 33 in July (8th) - from one '85 to another :beer:

To answer the original post, I am still around and have been since 2006. Despite the occasional lows, it’s still my favorite Xbox series. Hard to believe I was 21 when GoW1 dropped.


Found gears when I was nine, I’m 13 now and still lovin it lol

I first played Gears of War for Windows Live when i was 10 or 11 and i am 20 now :smiley_cat:

My whole clan ranges between early 20’s and early 30’s

I’ve played since the original Gears. It was the song “Gears of War” by Megadeth that brought me to the game! I’m 47, so yeah, I’m old :wink:

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Lol yeah I think we played one round of guardian on speyer before you left and were sporting the BS sniper. I know I saw your GT on here somewhere but couldn’t remember anything else. I will take you up on the offer my friend. :+1:

I normally play tourney layout. I got the elite controller for a few reasons. To use TAC (A button) while keeping my thumb on right stick, to be able to up A/shot gun roll/reaction shot (I’ll get there some day) easily while hard aiming if I want, and the extra sensitivity options and hair triggers are a nice plus. So far my game has not improved at all and in fact has suffered but I’m patient that it’ll pay off maybe a little bit later on when I’ve got the muscle memory.

I’ve found myself accidentally using the left paddle (which is the A button on default) to aim for some reason and end up running and/or jumping over cover straight into someone’s gnasher.

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Your son has oddly specific life goals and a decent vocabulary for 3, lmao.
Keep up the good work.


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47 here…been playing since 2006…im hoping I can still hold the controller to play gow5…im a die hard gear head…i know another of my age but if he wants to post he can…we been playing for 7 years together.we both love the game.sure it has it’s issues but what in life dont…you gonna get a divorce after 20 years cause your wife’s boobs aren’t where they used to be…didnt think so

When she can’t cap points anymore we’ll have to have a talk. :smiley:

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Still here just really quiet

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For real, I told Kate she needs to keep capping the objectives or she is useless to me. :joy:

YOLO ;] I like gears 2. as well i mean. ;]

I concur.