Any old heads left?

I played against this 13yr old kid last night, and I melted his face in KOTH🤣 but it made me thing that he was getting potty trained when the first game came out. This makes me wonder what the target audience is here. Any old heads left that still play gears like I do? I was 16 when the first one came out FYI. Just a shower thought I suppose.

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Many of us on here have been playing since 2006 :slight_smile:


Good to know lol, I miss the good ole bad days. The Gary Jules mad world trailer, the rendezvous trailer, the tear jerking moment when dom finally found his wife… man, time flys when your playing gears😏

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Or when you see the first wretch in campaign and block its entrance and watch it run into you over and over and then eventually die, leading to the cutscene focus on nothing.

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Lol :joy:

Or use the snub pistol on a plank on wood in a window and see the word “Chaps” in the gas station change to “Gab” after Lee Perry’s wife.

In from the start, I was 34…i’m not anymore :wink:


Reverse the kid you played and you got me age.

This is my first gears game, started last January because my fiance played it a lot and it was available on PC with crossplay (how cool!)

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Yea we here. My squad is all over 30 except for one. We’re not going anywhere. We met playing Gears 2 and became real life friends. Old heads out here boss.


30 years old and been playing since the original. Very passionate about this game and want what’s best for the community.


I have been playing since 06 when gears one came out …i was 31 then…yea I’m that old


I am nearly the age you were then!


I’m about to hit 21 this year. Been playing Gears since I was a kid. Started with 2. I don’t remember details of the games from my childhood. But I do remember I didn’t even play Gears 2 MP. Only campaign and private horde. But even those things I was pretty decent at. And when Gears 3 rolled around I was around 13 and still did pretty good.

I feel the same way! Just turned 33 myself and have always felt fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful community since the very first Gears of War. It’s nice to see there are more fellow Gearsheads who have been around for as long as I have. Unfortunately, having a job and 2 kids, not to mention the wifey whos not too fond of me clobbering up my free time with the Xbox.

On the bright side, my 4 and a half year old daughter just had her first ever Gears kill (granted, the guy was down and I was holding her hands on the controller but yeah) and my 3 year old son loves watching me play. Hes just always telling me, ‘Dad… i wanna be like you when i get older, I really want your uncanny ability to tear through social versus like the pubstar that you are, dangling your beastly 2.5 k/d ratio all over the place passed down onto me as I carry on our family name.’

Kids…I’d say they grow up so fast, but I still haven’t aged one damn bit. :rofl:


Well I’m not an old gear head but I was 22 when the first came out. I was off doing other things with my life (some not necessarily better things) and didn’t play anything let alone hear/know about gears until this past Christmas when we got our 6 year old an Xbox. I was poking around on game pass one night and fired it up out of curiosity and got clobbered all over the place by bronze 1 players . Unintentionally shooting the ground a lot during 1v1s was my specialty and I excelled. My wife would get super tickled when I yelled and trash talked the screen and tease me for being such a nerd. I coaxed her into playing a few times and she was hooked too. She’s still in the bronze/silver category as I think she’s too stubborn to learn new things and try to improve. I just recently got into onyx which I’m happy with because I literally never thought I’d even hit gold not too long ago.

GreatWhiteShark, I’m pretty sure I recognized your GT on social a few days ago…we were on the same team—I’ve been trying to get used to the button/paddle remaps on my new elite controller so my performance was surely nothing memorable but you were adhering nicely to that 2.5 K/d as I recall.

Anyway I’m glad there are plenty of 30+ folks around here. Don’t feel so old now

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I was 7 when Gears 1 came out and didn’t even know about the game til 2013. Gears 1 was the first game I played though. Damn you guys are old.

@Kitten_Britchez, well why didn’t you tell me who you was? I would have upped my game even more just for you baby. Lol… Add me and we’ll get some in, I have a Gears4 elite controller too but it’s worn out so I’m back on the regular Gears4 controller that came with the limited edition console. Worth every pretty penny, but honestly I don’t play any better on the elite than I do on the Reggie but hope that works out for ya. I could never get used to the paddles so I took em off lol. I’m currently goin for the weapons achievements in social if you want to roll with me. I don’t use a mic because I can’t hear that well but I’m pretty chill, even in beast mode. :sunglasses:

Thank god I’m finally done with all the 3 new horde cheevos, those were giving me more gray hair than I already have. Sorry for getting this thread sidetracked, bad forum etiquette habit of mine. Anybody else, feel free to add me if y’all in the 30+ bracket, we should teach em youngins in versus how we do it. You too Kitten.

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I was only 6 when the first gears came out & all I had was a GameCube back then

First gears experience I had was a gears 2 campaign run with my cousins about two years later on hardcore & it was an entirely different experience.

I was 34 when gears first came out also…been playing ever since. My kids think it’s funny how good I am at this game…they have too much quit in them to get any good.


Same age as me then, great to know there are a few of us that can actually attest to the title old heads :wink:
Not like most of the young pups replying :wink: