Any news on truly randomized Horde frenzy events?

Was really enjoying Horde frenzy events but tbh it get’s kinda boring when it’s been the same modifiers for the past 3 days, just different maps.

Can we get a truly randomized experince please? TC say anything about this?

Randomized in what sense, the enemy spawns or modifiers?

Far as I can tell, they didn’t want to make completely randomized modifier sets to avoid unplayable things coming up(although the one with bobble heads, 3x damage enemies and two health mods would argue against that point).

I would take something that randomizes enemy spawns more for sure though. Like as it happens, Frenzy with 25 waves in Gears 4 or the “Anything Goes” 50 wave variant from that same game…

modifiers of course. the dev stream they had leading up to it made it seem it would be completly random and they even were like “oh yeah you might get this insanely hard horde event but sometimes a very easy one”. They didn’t say anything about it being predetermined. No reason to say “random” at that point, unless they meant it’ll pick out of 5 sets at random.

thats the point of events though. Some are easy, some are hard, and you can host your own lobby if you dont like a specific mod. It adds replay value.

Was just super excited at first but getting the same mods is getting boring. Would laugh at horde events with aggressive enemis and HP mod 5 times, would be hilarious.

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What’s randomised is the poison. Some games it destroys my fortifications and others it does nothing. Really annoying trying to plan for a map when it’s a lottery if you should even build or not.

that mod was scary but it isnt scary anymore. it destroys t1 barriers instantly but t2 it does very little damage. very weird lol

Totally random would be fine with me. Nobody wants the same “poison flushers”, “reflective shell” and “bobble head” BS 3 days in a row.

Dailies has so much potential. But it is crippled by a limited, poor pool of mutators. They desperately need to increase the range. Not just difficult ones but ones that make it easier as a trade off eg triple melee damage, double head shot damage, double bleed, etc.

At the moment it feels like just another thing to grind just to get some xp and cards. It isn’t fun.

Give us more risk and reward options eg double headshot damage on perfect active reload but half damage if not getting PAR. or triple damage dealt but also triple melee damage received. Etc

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More are coming, they have already said this. Once they are sure these all work correctly more will be fed in. The more the merrier.

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what will be fed in though? more pre-made set of mods? or will there ever be completly random mods so the system can truly make a different experience each time?

Pretty sure what was planned is to have more varying modifier sets available rather than a completely randomized selection.

what they want only works if they make A TON. would be better for it to be completly random with some things not being stackable (such as ironman).

Hey @XJ9lol I know it feels a little limited right now, but we will be continually adding more over time. There’s a fairly large drop of new mutator sets coming very soon.

It’s tempting for me to make it completely random, but what we found in our playtests is that difficulty swings wildly based on the mutators, so creating the sets by hand is needed to make sure we’re giving players a good experience.


Yeah but another solution would be to make certain mutators more favored so that although it would still allow for some randomness it would be consistently in the same ballpark. So More Lethal/More Health would be heavily favored and very likely to pop up, whereas many would be truly random.

The reason its such an annoyance isn’t just because it becomes predictable over time, but its also really annoying on your end as it means a dev has to spend time/effort building specific sets when they could be spending that time elsewhere.

Also, 1-50 should give wayyy better rewards than the frenzy does, they should be different frankly. Makes no sense that someone is rewarded the same for what they did in 20 minutes what someone else did in 2 hours.

As long as enough are made to satisfy players and are continued to be made until a good pool is around it’s good. Idk if you can always dab into it every few months and say add another 5 to a pool of 30 to keep things somewhat fresh.

as long as it doesnt hinder your ability to make mutator sets, it’s fine. but if it is taking too much time id probably advise looking into making the completly random work. Perhaps make weightings for mutators and some mutators cant be duplicates( such as ironman, or freezing hammer burst drones, as double wouldnt do anything). Would definitely need some type of system to make it somewhat fair/fun if that is your goal.

I think it’s definitely worth looking into and making work, as it would free up a ton of time I would think while making players excited to see the next daily event.

Thanks for the response. Always interesting to hear

Also @Thee_Bluejay - I definitely agree 1-50 should be more rewarding. Perhaps also make it a bit more challenging and make 2 bosses spawn at once at wave 30-40-50 instead of 1 as well. Regular horde could use some changes and buffs to either exp/cards, or both. Before, people used to just grind 40-50, but I think the goal should be to make a rewarding 1-50 wave mode for those who like the long games so they can build a base.

And yeah bluejay, i just got excited thinking it would be completly random. I mean, if there are a set of 50, I guess It can be exciting still but it wouldn’t beat a completly random experience imo.

I hate bobbleheads. It seems really random whether you are supposed to aim high or low to get a headshot. I thought it was supposed to be a “fun” mutator but it isn’t it is actually one that adds difficulty.