Any news on ranking system?

i wasn’t a fan of the bronze through diamond ranking system because it was mostly broke and delayed from when i played don’t know if it was ever fixed also I’m assuming they are keeping the prestige ranking system as well like in the last one? i enjoyed that

I’m hoping they remove some of the granularity. E.g. I wish they didn’t change Diamond to Diamond 1-5. It just adds unnecessary stress and variability for those in Diamond. I suppose you could say the same about all the other ranks as well.


I agree I didn’t like the fact the broke Diamond into 5 tiers. I stopped playing Gears 4 by the time they did that. But achieving diamond with a non-stacked team, especially when you play with drunk friend lol. But I hope they do bring back the skilled-based ranking system. I thought having both ranking systems were great.

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Yeah, don’t stagger diamond and try to cut down on the fat. Hope the ranking is consistent and based more on anything other than just wins. Deranking based on one loss in comparison to performance or multiple wins is a bit… lol

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I will forever be a fan of the Halo 3 ranking system. 1-50 to make it nice and easy. Shoot even overwatch with the SR system is actually really nice and easy to know when you are actually approaching a new rank.

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