Any news on a fix for us Windows 10 users who have been unable to play the game for nearly a year?

Gears of War Ultimate Edition stopped running properly around a year ago (prior to that it ran amazingly well). Now we get fps drops into the 20s on GTX 1080 TI’s etc.

Just wanted to check and see if anything has changed?

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I haven’t seen them even address Ultimate Edition issues. They don’t really talk about Gears 4 PC issues anymore either.
Hopefully someone here will be able to help.

Nothing has changed. I recently tried it again around the holidays and was met with poor performance. I then spent two weeks trying to find a fix and reach out to whoever I could to get it fixed or at least get the problem acknowledged. I ended up getting the original Gears on PC instead since it can be run at 4K and it performs fine.