Any News From New Carmine For GOW5?

Does Anyone Have news aboit the new carmine and if its a he/she??

We wont have news until closer to launch, so earliest we will have any sort of Gear5 info would be April imo.


you honestly think they going to give Gears 5 news if any in the coming months? I highly doubt it. Gears 5 news will probably drop with GameInformer In April before E3 2019. Carmine news unlikely and kept under wraps until release

We didn’t even find out that there was a Carmine in Gears 4 until we played just be patient, you know as much as everyone else. And I agree with @DarkChaoz95 , we will not hear much about Gears 5 until 2019, on the official Gears of War twitter they have been releasing information about the trailers that were released, an example can be identifying a new enemy that many people were speculating about.

Maybe the new Carmine will be both. :smiley:

What if the new Carmine has been infected by the Swarm? We’ve got a Baird on the enemy team, why not a Carmine!

Plus, anyone notic how the Swarm “Infecting” people is kind of merged with their Locust/Lambent routes. Maybe they did evolve, or rather, assimilated with the Lambent virus they were infected with. Don’t know if this has been brought up before, Just my thoughts.

He has a good point there…

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we just need a good quality carmine darn it!

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Yup i agree with u there


Carmine are jokes, not actual characters. They’re irrelevant to the lore except for stupidly dying. Sure, people cared about Clayton since the “Kill / Save” campaign, and he had more presence, but less than the other characters. That’s why he wasn’t in 4, why would be here for another reason than fan service?

It’s weird, it’s one of my favorite multiplayer skins (not in 4, f****** RNG), but I don’t remember him in the Campaign, while I remember Prescott, or Dizzy.

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Yeah, the Carmine tradition needs to die (no pun intended). It’s cheesy and stupid.

him dying is a joke… i never inteded for any carmines to die… in gears 1 2 and 3 only 1 survives but ben carmine was deff my favorite and more memorable to me… i dont think hes a joke of the game because to me they always had the mindset of a gear fighting in the war. the main character are COG but like halo 1 2 and 3 i enjoyed playing with/ being around marines and other cog soilders. without random cog soilders and marines it feels like your fighting a war with just… your squad. idk i enjoy the carmines even though they die a lot which i think is stupid.

Writers Terms:

Carmine (n) -
A character or set of characters with no prevalence to the story, to be killed off in either dramatic or comedic effect, at no cost of the plot.

This is an actual term used. Such as Maguffin. Carmine was a joke since 06’.
It’s good. I think the Carmines are good at giving us a feeling of the “everyman”, so the player can sympathize with someone not on roids.

Except for Clayton…

Clayton Carmine might not be in gears of war 5 just because in gears 3 fans payed money for clayton not to die. And plus they didnt put him in gears of war 4.So hes Probably Not going to be in gears 5. We mighr not know who the next carmine is going to be untill later on.

carmine will still live on in some form

The buzzkill and Dropshot was manufactured by Carmine Construction Co, by Gears 5, they perhaps have introduced new construction tools or made swarm variant weapons.

He wasn’t in 4, because they couldn’t get the voice actor on-board until July. (Why we got Carmine characters so late)

And why would him being voted to live in 3 have anything to do with it? Doesn’t mean he has to die, or that he can’t die in a future Gears.

Remember though, the Dropshot/Buzzkill were manufactured before E-Day. They aren’t new (Lore-wise) like the Enforcer, Embar, etc.

Which E-day Locust? In that case its not,

before Locust E-day they were in the insurance business I believe. Perhaps the carmines went into construction to help rebuild society and founded the company to build construction equipment which is later repurposed as weapons.

There’s both a Carmine Insurance company, probably existing for a small amount of time.

But when the CCC tools are found such as in the rig, it’s an old COG mining rig, probably shut down after E-Day. Therefore, it would make sense to say that the company existed before E-Day.

The two companies could’ve existed at the same time.