Any new or returning gear packs this week?

Anyone know of any returning or new gear packs coming this week?

Supposedly “glowie”.

Yup. It’s hard to know precisely what “glowie” means. Hopefully we’re talking Lambent Locust characters, but it could turn out to be just some lame Lambent themed weapon sets. Please TC let it be something good!

part of me hopes it’s just weapon skins just so we can make some more crossed wires jokes

I would rather have Uzil Sraak return…I need him a lot.

sorry TC ran out of rise of raam packs thats why they were only on “sale” for a week they only have a set amount of digital cards to give to people


Any new Gear pack news are usualky released on Weekly Whats up. That usualky comes oit like round 7pm bst.

Its most likely Lambent locusts unless TC pulls a fast one and calls the orange glowing swarm glowies

where did this Lambent Locust pack rumor come from? Why are we all so sure that’s what it’s going to be? Just curious

they said things were gonna get glowie in one of the recent what’s ups dont remember which one though “glowies” is what the lambent were called in gears 3

TC said in their 26 July “What’s up in Gears” article:

“We know you’re clamoring for some new stuff too which is why, this August, we’ll be releasing the Rise of RAAM content through Credit Gear Packs for the first time! And in terms of never before seen Gear Packs, well… let’s just say things are about to get a little more glowie this August.”

Like we said, it’s a vague statement as we don’t know precisely what they mean by “glowie”, but this was what the COG called the Lambent. Fingers cross it turns out to be Lambent Locusts!


Me podrian decir si saldran de nuevo packs sports acero negro?

Would be funny if they just glow in the dark and not glowie like tons of people think/want