Any new character skin ideas for the swarm?

The swarm are seriously lacking skins.

Any ideas anyone ?


Spectre Swarm Sniper Please.

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I wanted a full savage swarm skin still waiting on that and maybe a Cog version lol like the UIR grenedier maybe like that but a cog version that will look interesting

Chrome Steel Helmetless Warden, pretty please

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I know you said Swarm but UIR RAAM

The swarm that was cut from gears 5.


source? I’m curious.

They were the elite drone from gears of war 4. They acted like a player in a way to where they would shoot at you from a distance with a lancer and use a gnasher in close quarters. They were cut from gears 5 for unknown reasons but I found him in a gears 5 horde reveal image.


Source is Gears 4 lol


Swarm means the whole swarm team locust included

Thrashball Drone

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Ya there’s so many ideas but TC takes so long to use them

I totally forgot to even reply to the actual post, but thank you for this clarification lol.

I’d like to see the Savage & UIR Swarm skin sets completed. The UIR ones in particular look really cool.
But yeah, in addition to that?

-Mulcher Scion (fka Armored Scion)
-Buzzkill Scion (fka Heavy Scion)
-Stump? (it’d have to be HEAVILY modified, obviously)
-Niles as a Deebee/Reject
-Niles’s Lab Drones
-Armored Kantus, of course
-Gears 4 Elite Drone
-Gears 4 Swarm Hunter (“the male version”, I suppose)
-Gears 4 Swarm Grenadier
-Troika Gunner
-Locust Grappler
-Locust Miner
-Locust Spotter
-Locust Sniper (both the goggles & helmeted variant)
-All 3 variants of the Helmeted Locust Drone (fully covered head, revealed face variant & the Ninja Drone)
-Flame Grenadier
-Beast Rider Grenadier
-Beast Rider Grenadier Elite
-Beast Rider Drone
-Savage Drone
-Savage Kantus
-Savage Grenadier & Savage Grenadier Elite
-Gears 3 Hunter Grenadier
-Gears 3 Theron Elite from RAAM’s Shadow
-Theron Sentinel
-Ketor Vrol
-Locust Disciples
-Kantus Zealots
-Lambent Drone

-Viking Scion or something maybe?
-Knight Warden? (Or Crusader Warden. Same thing.)
-Imulsion Speaker (or Lambent Speaker, I guess. It’d be similar to the Blood Red Speaker.)
-Ancient Greek Scion (make it look like Kratos lol)
-bring back the Gingerbread Imago
-Grim Reaper Hunter
-Hockey Mask Scion or something, idk
-a recolored version of Jermad (black or red, most likely)
-Thrashball Drone (both Locust & Swarm variants)
-Ronin Swarm Hunter (since they seem to love that look lol)
-Salvaged COG armor Swarm (like the UIR skins)
-something for the Queen, idk. Literally anything.
A witch for Halloween, Mrs. Claus, Younger Myrrah, Outsider Myrrah, Theron armor Myrrah, Test Subject Myrrah or some weird ■■■■ like that, idk.

So, yeah. They kinda have a TON of options lol. I guess the problems lies in the time it’d take to actually model some of these lmao.
Although, a lot of these are very minor re-skins (like the Gears 4 Swarm & the different Locust Drone types), so I would imagine those particular skins wouldn’t be too arduous to go and create. In fact, I’m sure some of those have already been created, they’re just waiting to release them.

Alright… long-winded post. But, I get passionate about my Swarm/Locust cosmetics lmao.


I appreciate all of em lol :ok_hand:t2: nice ideas

Not cut, give him several months, like Paduk and Cole and Baird and Jhin Bot and…


I hope they add more savage variants for the swarm

I hope they add him.

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