Any KOTH Players?

Looking to add some more KOTH players to my friends list. Normally I play Solo and then a few matches later end up in a decent 3-4 man squad so there’s always space to invite someone different / new.

I always have and use a mic too :+1:

Add me or post here and I’ll add you and hopefully play some games together - looking to finally get my Diamond :muscle:

I have been looking to team up for some matches. I have been playing solo koth for a while. I would love to play some Gears with you.


Yeah, koth is all I play… Usually evenings EST (9ish PM until midnight/1am-ish).
Silver/Gold level, not higher than that…

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What region are you guys?

I’m EU :+1:

I am in the states but I mostly play during EU times.

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I’ll send you an invite :+1:

Give me a few minutes finishing up a project.

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Im on.

Another gold in the house! Wooo

What do you mean?

Was referring to this.

Oh, I’m going places and I’m Onyx 2 ATM :raised_hands:

You guys can add me but I don’t use my mic much. I’m currently onyx 2.

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What Region are you? :blush::v:

I’m a KotH player. I’m from Illinois USA but why not? Too many high pings anyways lol.

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Moving to Wanna Play…

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Aha, we can give it a go :joy:

Lol, the funny part is we would still be lower than the norm.

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Probably :sob: - imagine we go EU so you become invincible via high ping and then we switch to US and I go invincible via high ping - it’s the perfect dream :joy::joy::joy::raised_hands:

Papa, am I dreaming

No son you just dominated because lag advantage was in your favor

In best Cartman voice: Sweeeettt and Kick ■■■!

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