Any information regarding crossplay for ranked and party sizes?

My friends and I are in Australia, so generally Ranked modes are unavailable shortly after release. As I recall, Gears 4 ranked modes were dead over here after just 3 months or so.

My friends are all on Xbox, I’ve got both platforms but switched to PC after the first year of G4.

I’ve looked up on the forum and also on google, the MS store page etc. So far it only says there’s “Xbox live cross-platform multiplayer” and “Xbox live cross-platform co-op”, Nothing specific.

I can’t seem to find social party size limits either. A lot of times there’s 3 of us on, and we had to resort to searching at the same time to get into social games (same lobby). No info on whether this is being changed?

No info from what I’ve seen. I’ve been waiting for it.
Also waiting to see if they’ve implemented a true anti cheat. One cheater strait up told me he wants to ruin Gears 5.

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depends on what they do with Public I guess. maybe if the community keep asking they’ll do 5 player options.

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I can’t imagine it being different than what Gears 4 supports, full cross-play with the Ranked modes having a toggle for console players to disable it. TC isn’t talking Versus until next month, so expect tons of info then.

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Yeah I agree. Anti-cheat is super important. I do recall that there was a guy using an aimbot on the PC version of G4, but they patched it up and banned him within a couple of days.

My friends and I play PUBG on Xbox atm, we’re eagerly waiting for G5 to get away from the cheat infested lobbies. People use everything from external radar apps (that let you see enemy positions/loot) to anti-recoil controller mods and the devs have done nothing to fix or even address it.