Any ideas when Loomis died defending Halvo Bay?

So after replaying Judgement again, and the Aftermath DLC. It made me think about how Loomis died defending it, any ideas on when he died? Was Baird still around Halvo and did he fail defending it? Was it years later into the war? Was it right after Kilo killed Karn?

Another question would be: would you like to see Loomis’s final stand as a DLC or as a cinematic?

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The more backstory we are able to experience firsthand, the better.

The “Negative Space” stuff got old very very fast.

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Star wars overdoes this. I dont need to know what Darth Vader had for breakfast 3 days after the events of Revenge of the Sith.

Gears has WAYYY too much negative space, alot of it is DLC worthy. Like something I keep advocating for. A RAAMs shadow type DLC where it’s the destruction of Gorasynia.

We play as Paduk then we switch to Karn.

Sofia’s whereabouts? As much as I’d love to know them, I’m actually ok with having to have my own interpretation.

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This sounds like an excellent idea. Nothing wrong with more Paduk.

It would be cool if she was still alive but who knows at this point. The people who carried her off couldve killed her.

It’s such an impactful moment on his life, and we literally know nothing of it.

If Gorasynia never fell, the locust war would’ve been over in 10 years rather than 17.

Not to mention Karn is a pushover, giving him some spotlight could make him a more beloved locust villain.

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Hes such a pushover, he didn’t even get his own voice in 5. Neither did Sraak.

I want to know more about Jermad. He’s dope.


Jermad was RAAMs right hand man no?

Who even plays as Sraak? :sob:

He was part of the Bloodied Vanguard with Raam and Skorge.

Crazy people? That dude is humongous. You can’t see anything when playing as him.

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I’d rather play as RAAM at that point. I cant play as Therons to save my life (except Jermad)

Grenadier gang :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Ever since TC finally made the Bolter playable I didn’t play as anything else. Then they made a Chrome Steel for the Bolter and it looks super badass. Especially its helmet.

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I’ve always found that GOW has a problem with characterising its characters within the later games. Speaking as someone who doesn’t buy into the expanded universes of anything (books, comics etc) I’ve always found it really frustrating when franchises decide to fill in the gaps in between mainline games/movies etc with books/comics etc with even more story content which is usually quite crucial to understand the main story. Halo is arguably the worst culprit for this. I’m all for expanded universe expanding the story, but not taking the place of the mainline story. And I’ve always found GOW to charatcerise its side-characters in a super skimpy manner. GOW3 was really horrible for this and is the reason I don’t rate it as highly as GOW1 or GOW2. It introduced so many new characters seemingly out of nowhere (if you don’t follow the expanded universe) - Sam, Jace (I know he had a tiny blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearence in GOW2), Bernie, and to a lesser extent Griffin.

GOW1 and GOW2 were good because it had a tight cast of characters. GOW3 felt like they over-did it.

With Paduk, I always found him to be a bit too much of a caricature of that typical 80’s Soviet soldier who hates the West. It would have been nice to show more of a human side to him.

I suppose in that respect GOW4 improved on this because it stripped it all back to focusing on your immediate squad - the three new characters plus Marcus. Just that they weren’t all that interesting at this point.


I want the hunter characters back, I used the hunter elite religiously on UE (shirtless Grenadier with shoulder pad).

I wasnt epic enough to have the golden locust characters in gears 3 lol.

I’m boring, I use sniper, grenadier, and beast rider.

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Theres an unplayable Savage Sniper in Gears 3 that looks super badass and I truly hope gets a debut in the next game. He looks so sick.

That’s why I dont like chief. I know hes more humanized in the books and comics but I dont find it acceptable that it took 4 games (in the chief series) for him to actually act human.

I’m not a 1-3 Marcus fan but at least Epic made him show humanity at times. I’m more of a TC Marcus fan.

Having a Gorasynia Paduk DLC could solve this dilemma. Or even a DLC during the Pendulum Wars and it leads up to the Lightmass missile scarring him.

I’m a Sam fan for sure, I havent read any of the books that discuss her but I can definitely see it as an issue. Bernie was someone I didnt like but after reading Aspho Fields she grew on me. Jace is garbage in 3. I much prefer his comic counterpart.

Is he in the campaign?

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Yeah the Savage Sniper is in the Gears 3 campaign and in the Judgment Aftermath campaign.

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Ditto. I know it’s considered sacralege to criticise Marcus, but I find him to be an extremely boring one-dimensional character in GOW1-3. He’s just characterised as being a constantly angry person. That’s it - just… anger and snapping at people. He’s definitely much more developed in GOW4 and especially GOW5.

Bernie was just ridiculous - she only appears in a very short segment at Anvil Gate. It felt so anticlimatic. I think it was a case of introducing far too many new characters into the game when you’ve already got a large core group of characters. You have to find enough room for the original Delta Squad characters too. I liked the idea that Epic came up with by covering two different narratives - Baird and Cole’s perspective being told in a separate section to Marcus and Dom - that obviously allowed them to squeeze in some of the new characters, but it still felt like some of the new characters didn’t get enough time.

Baird was a huge victim of this.

They didn’t even give him the time of day in Judgement either, and that’s the sole reason he was the main character lol. Baird deserves a proper backstory. In a favorite character vote, I know he would win first place, he deserves it.

Oh yeah definitely lol. I always preferred Dom. Not that I’m biased towards side characters but he had a little more range than Marcus.

Gears 5 should’ve pushed the two character narrative that epic did in 3.

Hahahaha, I’m sorry, I saw Josh Allen as your profile pic and that’s all I got out of this.

Lost a bet with @WickedlyInocent I assume?


Patriots suck this year.

But it’s alright, we are 1-1 with them this season. We still own them :rofl:


Well technically they aren’t that bad. Buffalo and The Pats just switched places :slight_smile:

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