Any idea if the timed exclusives will be available again?

Hi there! New to the game and the Gears franchise in general.

Been playing GOW UE, GOW4 and now GEARS 5, and regarding the latter two, I see that there is a tendency to include timed exclusive content (namely some characters, weapon skins, execution animations, etc.) that are (obviously) gone for good for those that didn’t redeem/unlocked them after a certain time.

I know that it is a common practice among several game companies, and there are no intentions to ramble about the pros and cons here, but in my opinion, should anyone care, it would be a good idea if that content was made available for those that didn’t get the chance to get it when it first got released, even if it is behind a (sigh) paywall.

In my case, I missed a lot of that timed exclusive content in GEARS 5 because I couldn’t afford the game (not even when it was on Game Pass), and wouldn’t mind to (sigh again) pay for them now that I can if it was made available again.

So, all in all, is there a chance to see that content (including the content unlocked throughout the whole operations) made available in the future through the in-game store, purchasable through in-game currency (iron), or real money (yikes!)?

I know that that content was first released for the die-hard (or not so very much) supporters of the game that had it since day one, but I guess that making it available for the rest of us wouldn’t change that situation, because we would be obtaining that content through other means that TC could provide while the first users of said content would still retain the feeling of getting it before and throughout hard work in the game or having supported it since the very beginning.

I guess it could be a nice move from TC if that happened, since it would show that, no matter “when” you got the game, you are provided all the released content through different options. The way I see it, it would only increase (if any) the player base and support of the game.

Just my two cents.

Thanks for reading all this.


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So far the only Store items that have returned were at the end of Op 2 iirc(don’t recall if the same was done at the end of Op 1). Likely to happen again on the last 2-3 weeks of Op 3.

As for Tour items, TC currently has no plans to bring them back, because they view it as sort of a “I was there” trophy(not something I personally care for - I mainly have interest in cosmetic content if I like it, not because of some dumb notion of “exclusivity” in a video game). I remember them taking it into consideration on a dev stream, but also saying it’s unlikely they’d make General rewards of the respective Tours available again if they did so.

Personally, I don’t see the appeal in timed or any sort of exclusivity, so I don’t see why things should be locked away to begin with. All that should matter is putting the work in for it, if it’s an item obtained through progression.


Everything from TOD’s should be earnable six months after and items sold in the store should be constantly available. I’ve seen a few things retrospectively i wish i brought at the time, but i’m also not going to be swayed by their FOMO tactics.
Would i like some things i see?..yes!, do i really need it?.. No. As i heard my mate say once …is £10 for a skin on a virtual character really a good investment of your hard earned cash?.

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Welcome to the franchise, your opinion is greatly appreciated.

Gears 5 is a service based game and future changes to the game will be based in part on user feedback. Several users have posted a similar thread regarding bringing back previously available store content so you are not alone.

Keep sending your feedback through the forum and on twitter and hopefully The Coalition receives the message.

The community has been successful in getting The Coalition to shift focus to creating new 5v5 maps and changing their requirements for releasing new characters, which in my opinion are pretty big changes. So if we make enough noise about bringing back old store content, there is a chance that The Coalition will listen.

It annoys me that TC assigns a rarity to all content, but at the same time some much content is uncraftable in addition to being locked & timed.


Like character classes (heavy, offense, scout etc) the card rarities don’t mean anything in Gears 5. In Master Escape, Legendaries are not the rarest of cards.

I understand that but what I meant was why even make a skin from the Tour of Duties a certain rarity at all if according to TC, they don’t plan on re-releasing it/making it scrappable in the future?

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No. The whole point of timed exclusive skins is to keep you playing every day and spending money every week. To put pressure on people buying and creating a false scarcity. I imagine looking at gears 4 they will return at some point but more than likely much further along, once the game is dead. I hope not.

That’s what I’m saying. The rarities seem like a completely unused feature. There is no reason why. The rarities just exist to exist.

As of now the only purpose rarity would have is influencing the drop rates(though maths makes it so that you’re more likely to max out the Legendary instead of the Epics because except for Cole there’s only one Legendary while most or all characters have 3-4 Epics to split the drops up), and the scrap cost of things.

Seemed like it was used more in Gears 4 with its loot boxes… not that it was better.

Rarities exisit only too further promote a FOMO business agenda. Smarter people than ourselves have aleady assesed and evaluated the current model in place. I’m personally unhappy with the store so i resist buying, contarary to that i don’t wish to see the franchise desintigrate.It’s a fine line between standing your ground and digging your own grave as a Gears fan… This should never be the case!