Any Horde Updates? No Stats Post Match Still. Not worth 2+ hour 1-50 grind with server errors

Probably in the minority here, but Horde is my fav online mode. Haven’t played in weeks (other than a few wave 1-10 single player just for fun) though after getting burned going waves 1-50 and getting a server error at the end in the post-match summary with no character XP, cards, or anything. Extraordinarily frustrating.

No hints of whats happening in the weekly updates TC sends out, so it seems not worth wasting the time to play through any serious Horde sessions yet? Still would expect to get post-match server errors.

AFAIK there are two known types of post-match results errors:

  1. the rewards service is not working; players don’t earn rewards/progression
  2. the rewards service is working but didn’t provide a timely response to the game; players still earn rewards/progression but see an error message in the post-match results

The first type will affect most players so you’ll no doubt see a number of posts in the forums. I think the last time coincided with server updates, i.e. they made one or more server changes but broke the rewards service. I don’t think there have been any occurrences in recent weeks. The second type is something they’re looking at fixing - see the SERVICE STABILITY issue here.

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Your not in the minority playing horde…although this version is stifling the playerbase…to answer your question…a couple of times after playing iv not received cards xp ect…iv found if i quit n reboot the stuff appears…hope this helps.


That’s helpful - thanks for the info on server stability being related!

I have not had nearly any stability issues since release weekend. I am playing horde only.
Sure there is still some glitches etc. but nothing major in my opinion.

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I too enjoy horde. There are times when I didn’t get my cards but after a day most they were given to me. I recommend custom lobbies since those players tend to stick around to 50 and people can jump in if someone leaves.
As for updates the only thing they’ve addressed recently was the disappearing weapons from lockers. I’m sure TC prioritizes versus over horde because they want the game to be esports. Hopefully they will address several issues with horde eventually.

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I hosted a game today on custom…wv 37 myself and kait player both put back to main xbox menu!! …rebooted n couldnt get back into a game i hosted…game was still going but filled up…during reboot…so while lots on here are back slapping nodezero for appearing on the forums…this game is still broken in many ways…but the store is open and working just fine :thinking:

Thats odd, getting thrown out has surely not happened to me in at least a month. Instability due to the upcoming update?
The biggest horde issue at the moment in my opinion is not glitches and bugs but the increase in xp-campers just sitting by the fabricator the whole game.

Sorry, I am not english speaking so I don’t understand the part about slapping nodezero.

Worked for me too! I had a bunch of goodies that did not appear until a reboot! :smiley:


why are u wasting ur time?

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Im sure im not the only one to be kicked while hosting…tc simply need to get servers/connections sorted.

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Also sometimes when u jump into a game…u realise your cards aren’t active…this also needs for you to quit and reapply your cards.

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What else can be done? It is what it is…plus I enjoy playing this game.

Bobby…I kno u have better games in ur library lol the kind that were finished when they released? lol

It sure needs fixing, no doubt about that, I am just saying that since the first couple of days of release getting kicked have not been an issue for me or anyone I know that plays horde. Seems like wednesday though was a big day of getting kicked out//game crash for a lot of players. I did not play yesterday so I can´t say.