Any help would be appreciated

After doing pretty much everything on Gears5 it’s running a bit thin now so I’ve started playing ranked , never bothered with previous ops as I’ve only really played PVE , I know Gears is pretty much dead in EU & being on a UK servers doesn’t help which actually could be my problem but how can I become more spongy ?? The amount of times I can do 96/98% damage in 1 hit & lose out is untrue ! I’ve heard theories it’s down the a connection issues , is that right ?? & if that is the case am I wasting my time competing if I’ll always be on the back foot?

High ping - bottleneck your connection as much as possible to become the ultimate sponge and NEVER use “lower ping” MM-setting.

How can I make my ping higher ?? I’m sure if I could make it like 150+ I could compete

Hotspot on phone or Wlan+ bottlenecking through the router.

High ping won’t help you. If your getting a lot of 90% damage then lose your not guide close enough to them according to the server. I get this alot.

Your best bet is to use cover and play for the two shot down or shoot them from a distance with your lancer to weaken them before switching to the gnasher.

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Tbf I actually think verses on Gears5 is nothing but dog ■■■■ , I don’t know how people put up with it , so poor compared to how good PVE is

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Gears really suffers from connection issues. The coding just doesn’t handle it like other games do. When my network was saturated there were times when I sponged and teleported my way to MVP. But, it’s generally not a fun experience and you don’t have a lot of control over your movement so you can easily become worthless to your team.

The way I deal with “getting BS’d” is to not leave things to chance by charging into gib range. Go for 2-shot downs. Or, eat an 80%-range shot and then step into gib range and chunk them. Remember, what you see on your screen is not exactly what they’re seeing at that moment so you have to account for that.

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Thanks for info ,tbf though as i said before ,game is pretty much dead in UK, think I’m just gonna have to face up to the fact Gears5 v’s will never have any fun factor :confused: shame really after all these years it still has potential , it’s pretty dyer the fact ranked is no longer ‘skill level based’
I’m gold 2 on free 4 all but I keep getting matched up against master players & with their higher rank health boost it’s pointless me trying :weary:

This is by far the most embarrassing thread I’ve seen yet.

Yeah Gold 2 sucks :joy::joy:

Not that — nothing wrong with being bronze/silver/gold etc. I’m talking about people who genuinely think lagging is beneficial and that you’d want to lag.

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Oh sorry, I don’t want a lag - I play a lot of Master escapes & lag is the worse as that split second can really have an impact , I just want some kinda consistent gameplay to make v’s more enjoyable & at times bearable , I can play a few matches & perform well , not necessarily be on the winning side but do enough to still earn points , then I can play another match & can’t land any shots , get downed or gibbed from what feels like any range & feel like I haven’t contributed at all & pointless me playing ?

I’m in the U.K. and never really have spongy or connection issues. Wired connection all good.

Shotguns range is that daft at the moment you blow people away from miles away anyway

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I’m in the UK and I find PVP fun but I still get some BS moments. But then I’ve had this in every gears game and got used to it :rofl:

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Yeah I hear ya :joy: maybe I should just take Gear5 for what it is rather than what it isn’t :ok_hand:t2: