Any hackers in these forums?

Can someone pass through Lizzie’s Welder mask in her latest Motor Pool Lizzie skin so we can see what her face looks like? Take a screenshot or video of it. It seems that she has short hair, so that’s saying something. I’m curious if devs actually modelled her face fully behind that mask. Seeing details usually unseen shows things that go above and beyond much like seeing Dr. Claw’s face from Inspector Gadget.

People already have done it with Masterchief. or is this the wrong forums to post this in, should I try reddit instead?

It’s prob a generic face with little to no detail, wouldn’t make sense to waste time fully modelling what no one will see.

Seriously tho, who even cares?


I heard that this guy Tod Fersugon cheats.

But what your looking for is more of a mod than a hack bud.

Or to break it down more… A Screenshot of a glitch at the perfect time seems most accurate.

That being said… There was a fella who used to nab game sdk (or the like) graphic files back in gears 4.

Was it progears360 maybe? I can’t recall…

If so you may be able to pop the skin in to Photoshop to get a good look at her ankles.


I’m just imagining a block faced moron underneath
… Lmao



Some people clearly do(I’m not one of them) judging by the fact that someone on XBL sent me this screenshot when they peeked underneath Hivebuster Lizzie’s “helmet”. Can’t tell much from this face model and it looks rather generic too(to me), or it’s not animated like the faces of other characters cause nobody from TC would expect players to try looking under a helmet.

Don’t ask me about why this is so up close or at an odd angle, it’s not me who took this picture.

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Up close to get the camera to clip thru the helmet,

But yea, looks pretty generic to me also, just a base starting point female face to place a helmet on

I’m sure many strange guys will do the same :rofl::rofl::rofl:

‘C’ for closeness.


Not sure how I’m supposed to understand this. Or what it refers to.

What are we to take away from this? And the person who took this picture isn’t a man, I know that much.

I think you know

Doesn’t mean men won’t “enjoy” her efforts lol

Lesbian is my guess tho :rofl::rofl:

Or one of the guys, doing her bro’s a solid?

Don’t take anything from it mate, jus cry in the corner over how sick the world is like I do :grin:

I don’t know that person particularly well. Just a XB Live contact who used to be on the forums.

And what can possibly be found in a face to cause that?


I honestly don’t know man, but thats why most wana strip her lol

Low-key hope they used the same face model as all the original 3 Carmine’s just for the memes


I’d assume for masked models they use generic female / male faces

Like you probably have the same face under Lizzie’s mask as the regular female COG soldier / onyx guard

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I’m sure you’re doing alot of post withdrawals lately lol

Not sure what that means. However if you have an issue with my posts that resides with you friend.

Tbh she should just have Kims face…
Yeah I called him Kim :laughing:

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Great one lol.