Any Gamepass user losing their discount for Esport as well?

I’ve tried a getting a reply for this a weeks earlier but all I got was a “lol the gamepass-discount is a MS-issue, contact them”. Which is impossible via Mail and if you call them you end up in an Indian/east-european callcenter i.e. people that only have the same 3 replies for every issue.

Anyways; the 10% discount Gamepass awards for almost every newly released addon/DLC wasn’t applied for the 3 latest Chrome Steel Skins despite me being subscribed to GP Ult the entire time.

@Sera, you don’t have to close the thread again. I just wanna talk about this issue, thank you :slight_smile:

Video-proof in case someone cares

She pretty much answered the question.

She showed where it said you “may” receive a discount.

It’s apparently not a requirement for devs on any particular item.

Chrome steel characters being an exception apparently.

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It’s 0-100%.

So it can be 0%.

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Except she didn’t.

That’s not the point of this thread either. I just wanna know if someone else noticed the same thing. CS used to be eligible for the GP-discount - watch the first clip I recorded.

The actual range is 10% at launch and 20% for regular DLCs after a few months.
The thing is, Gamepass heavily advertises the discount as well and it’s the first time I heard about the discount not being applied.

My point, though I don’t disagree with what you are saying, is TC must have decided no discount on premium content.

Since it funds eSports, I’m ok with it. No more chrome steel for me.

Here’s the official policy.

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No no no, in the private message I got from Sera he claimed that TC has NOTHING to do with the pricing. At all.

I already read that. Thank you.

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It’s up to 10%.

Up to 20%.

That means:



Again, this is the first time 0% was actually used. If you’re subscribed to Gamepass you could check if you get the discount instead of arguing about things that aren’t important for this thread.

So just took a peek at the microsoft store to see the gamepass discounts, and it seems it only doesnt apply to iron and chrome steel, the team specific skin thats there still has the discount.

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Apparently Gamepass actually offers text-chat during specific times. According to them the decision to remove or add discounts for items is made by both MS and THE COMPANY.

@TC_Sera Since one of you guys had to actually be involved in the decision could I get a reply other than “thread closed not our problem” this time?

Why exactly are Chrome Steels exempted from the 10%GP-discount now?

This really upsets me.

I paid $110+ on gears of war 5, I get no discounts…

While game pass people don’t even support TC directly & get all these discounts…

No wonder you were taken down…

Never again will I buy a gears of war game…


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You were given the response and refuse to hear it, but if you insist:

Gamepass has their own Support over at which should be contacted about any and all Gamepass questions, yes, even about Gamepass Discounts in games.

Contact Gamepass Support.