Any chance of horde kicking coming back?

When it come down to it there are way to many

  1. New players trying to play on master
  2. People who horde points
    3.just plain bad players
  3. Now trolls coming out

50 waves of inconceivable or master have now become unplayable without being able to get rid of these 4 major groups of people.

Please add to the list of individuals who deserve to be clicked on inconceivable or master.

I usually let new and bad players slide on lower difficulties.

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They will fix it.

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Then: “Oh no!!! Master Horde is too easy!!!”
Now: “Oh no!!! Master Horde is too hard!!!”


It’s not that it was too easy. I just can’t stand when a jd joins and doesn’t use explosives bc they aren’t leveled up enough for bleeding/extra boom damage.

It’s impossible now play random, a roulette, please Fix

Yes, one of the greatest problems at the moment in the game. Playing 50 waves on master with an KAT lv 32 Re-Up 0 as an ingenieer isn´t wreally funny.

They going to fix it, the question is how long it takes. Same with the horrible loading times in escape and all the little things like the Lizzie silverback bug, which isn´t fixed yet.

What is the Silverback bug.? I’m a little behind on all the problems.

If a Silverback had got destroyed by the enemies then the game would have kicked everybody from Horde.

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They did fix that months ago. The bug where you jump out of the Silverback but the game forces you back into it even though you only pressed the enter/exit button once, and then it doesn’t let you back out either until the ult ends or you get teleported back to where the game thinks you are still standing because in its eyes you “left” the Silverback, that isn’t fixed.


Then let’s call this ultimate SilverBUG! :ant:


it’s a bug, not an intended change.

don’t expect a fix before nov17 though,

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Seems to be some serious issues going on with it. This weekend I could not even invite or get invited. I could not see my local co-op friend in the squad though she was in game when we entered a lobby. And another friend eventually able to join the squad where not seen in the squad either. He was playing escape the whole evening according to the social menu.

Yet they’re able to patch grace/lizzie barriers in a few weeks…

You would have hoped it would come sooner so that potential new players that come via the new consoles are left with a better first impression eh

Eventually this feature will come back most likely after op5 is released and honestly I was really p.o’d about this glitch when it first happened but it forced me into a position where I had to reach out to the community to find consistent players who shared my approach to playing and as a result I’ve actually found some great people to play with because of it that I originally would never have encountered so I found a silver lining to it and am in some regards grateful that this has happened.

it all depends on if these issues need to be fixed via TU or simply pushed through server side.

a TU will require another submission through MS cert. it’s not a instant process and seems to take weeks for this game. with OP5 two weeks away they might just say ■■■■ it and make us wait.

EDIT: and just like that a unannounced patch hits. nice :confused:

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Is it working after today’s update!? :thinking: