Any Chance For A Bonus XP Event?

With Gears 5 getting close to release, I’ve really been hoping for a bonus xp event. I’m close to my 10th re-up but damn the grind is a chore…

I’m holding out hope for this weekend (a rare one off for me) but I feel like it would of been announced by now.

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If anything, maybe the week before Gears 5 comes out but even then I doubt it.

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Yeah, that’s what I think will happen!

Maybe the week before Gears 5 releases but I would not count on it.

If you want extra XP play Horde bro
My dad basically never plays GoW online because he feels too much of a skill gap between him and others and doesnt enjoy it. But he has hit Reup 10 and nearly Wings 1 just playing Horde with me.

If you want the fastest XP possible look for people wanting to do Inconceivable Ironman Speedruns, hop in and get between 500k-1 mill XP in about an hour

It’s already 5XP, you want them to just hand it to you?

I’m pretty sure it’s 2x XP at the moment. There was an event lasting about a month earlier in the summer which was 5x XP but that finished a while ago.


I would have thought one last hurrah this month just to build hype, but apparently not.

I’d like to see some announcements made this month about crafting (midnight omen, flaming skins). I’d also like to see initial horde skill cards be craftable. Somewhere down the road, someone will pick up Gears 4, see what’s involved, and put it away quickly.

I find it silly that people have to wait to get that achievement for the flaming skins and not being able to craft both as you stated. I don’t know why they are waiting until after Gears 5 releases.

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Yeah. I also think it’s ridiculous that TC haven’t just bought back some of the previous events where these skins are rewards. I mean, they add and change the special playlist thing so it shouldn’t be hard to add rewards too.


It’s absolutely still 5XP. Easiest way to keep track is you get a 2,500 XP match bonus for a win on standard 1x XP, and it’s currently (and has been for awhile) 12,500, which is five times the amount.

It’s not a guessing game, it’s just math. Plus youre not gonna be hitting 50-70k XP in a KOTH match on just double XP.

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If it’s still 5xp that’s great. Last I read it was permanently 2xp.

They did in Gears 3 lol that was like 20x xp for the longest time, hell it might still be even.

They mentioned during this past week’s Dev stream that Flaming and Midnight Omen will be made craftable “decently after the launch of Gears 5”. Before Gears 5 releases, they will release info about the future of Gears 4, including those skins. They also mentioned that they will probably only make 5 from each set craftable so the achievements can be earned.

It’s at the 1 hour, 47 minute mark of the video. I tried to embed at the right time, but the preview shows it starting at a different time.


I wouldn’t count on it. A majority of their focus is gonna stay on 5 as soon as it launches.

I had hope for an announcement at Gamescon but it appears that nothing was announced.