Any chance anything like this can be added to the game?

There could be so much that can be done with the game and adding stuff into a versus multiplayer match, Make the players more dark and make the game itself more gloomy, and dark, having kyrll in certain places on the map…

IF I had a way to have my ideas viewed or considered this game would be better, Because I know how the game should of been designed, and what should of been installed into this current title that everyone is really frustrated about, I am extremely let downed by the team honestly, Trusting them with a title I’ve been a huge fan of since the initial release back in 06, It’s just how each team handles with the different design factors when creating the previous and current gears titles?

The older Gears of war games had a lot of depth, and it felt like the team behind the game worked hard to give us something that was rich in quality, had detail and definition, Don’t know what changed, supposedly with better systems for designing games there would be better quality games being created but it’s the opposite?

Gears 5 = there’s a pile of cardboard boxes with cans, realistically if you shoot this with anything, even a airsoft gun it’ll move the cans and damage/degrade the box holding them, or if shot with a boomshot the entire piece of cover it being steel, alloy, or anything, it should show by a piece of it being damaged… no?

Can every single piece of cover, objects, walls, anything on the map be damageable by all weapons?

In general there’s so much within the Gears of war lore and story that could work, IE adding a berserker on the map for the locst/swarm team, and for the cog it would be a improved silverback that’s built with a trishot, and mulcer, can roadie run with it too.

If the player gets 8-15 kills without dying they are rewarded an option to spawn as a berserker/silverback.

Gears 5 consists of only weapon based combat, with some of it having melee mixed it but it’s typically rare for someone to use the melee animation, usually people always use the gnasher/lancer/snub, mostly flames and frags,Shocks, uncommonly longshot/torque.