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So as everyone is aware of the crashing issues, (since op5 has launched, I seen a post that was fairly recent trying to claim the crashing is new LOL) Ive been rooting through the forums to see if there’s any news on a fix. Well all I have seen is just about every post about the crashing being closed…:thinking:. So does this mean TC doesnt give a damn? Is the crashing intentional? Seems every op that dropped has had some degree of crashing or bug. Kind of getting old. I’ve stuck around since day 1 of the beta…Ive seen some great changes, but Ive seen a hell of a lot more disrespect to the player base than good. What is going on with this company.


They said on the Developer’s Stream that they think they’ve found a solution which is PVE-related and hope to roll it out soon. No timeframes though, and no other details.


I missed the stream due to work. So that is good. Thank you.


The individuals threads aren’t just being closed. There is a main thread begging the community to put in tickets and each thread that is closed asks the same, either with a link to the support site or a link to said thread.

The mods simply don’t want there to be multiple threads about the same issue, thereby splitting up the information.

The problem is that no frikkin body uses the search function thinking they have found some new problem and rushing to make a thread about, trying to be the hero who raises the issue to TC.

^^ Now this… this part of your post I can get behind! :blush:


Ive submitted tickets, as that thread suggested. Haven’t noticed any sort of response or action, since operation 1. So closing threads that are trying to press the matter is kind of worrisome.

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Time and again, in multiple places, we point out that you may not get responses on your tickets.

You can follow the instructions at Community Request: Disconnects and make sure your ticket has enough details.