Any advantage on elite controller?

I honestly only buy one with an extended warranty.

Sometimes if they start acting up out of warranty, I quickly trade at GameStop.

Pro tip: never buy a used controller at GameStop.


Ohh, yeah, most/all of my replacements are under warranty. Some from best buy, last one directly from microsoft (which recently extended the warranty on series 2 for a year).

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“Planned obsolescence “. Sell consoles for cheap.

Make it up on accessories lol.

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Maybe. The Xbox series x is a heck of a deal for the way it can play games. Costs almost three times that much to get the same from a pc.

Still can’t find one though.

I blame Gears for most of my controllers demise. It’s hard on the rb and lb.

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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone in this post. I pretty much got my answer, some of you explained about the pros and cons with elite controllers to.

Again, thank you.

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I feel you. I switched to Xbox One S so I could play GoW4 and, after months of using the standard new controller, the LS drifted alone and the X button wouldn’t work. When I went to the store to buy a replacement, they were sold out. Therefore, I ended up buying an elite series 1, which lost its grips before one year. I didn’t want to throw my money away on a series 2 and the service fee was nonsense, so the carcass replacement costed me what a standard controller costs new. I repaired it myself but the sound jack broke. Point in case: The original workmanship was good but it didn’t compensate for the poor quality of the materials. Still, the price tag for the elite controllers series 1 < series 2 is above the clouds—their real value is half of it. Judging by the gameplay improvement alone, I can say they let you personalize up to a point; I made the transition by gradually adding rear buttons—I like using more fingers at once, it’s ergonomically efficient. The upside is you can spin, switch guns, and wall bounce effortlessly. This translates into more game hours. The downside is the new consoles eat your bills, which is climate aversive. :money_mouth_face:

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One from Walmart.

Wired controllers don’t have that input delay from being Bluetooth.

Control scheme is classic alt high sensitivity.


I think all that controller stuff is just for show. Not like a controller is a difference maker in a game like gears.

Plays like a 360 controller.

My hands are too big for the blue tooth controllers. Draw back for me.

To me it’s a scam.

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I had this exact issue and remapped rb to a paddle when I probably should have just sent it back for repair. Didn’t want to wait all that time though

Thanks for letting me know. Been thinking about switching control schemes to try and up my game but I don’t want to go through the period of adjustment.

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Genuinely felt the Elite 2 was great in pvp. The tightness in control, the trigger locks for faster firing, the lack of input delay etc. But now i have more or less just moved to pve, i am happy enough with my faithful xbox one controller. Took a bit of readjustment though!

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Plug in a 360 controller instead then. Buttons don’t get stuck, its more comfotable, and its not bulky. I’d recommend it.

Wait- what

I mean’t, get an Xbox 360 controller that has a wire, plug it into your Xbox One and then you should be able to play better.

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It should. The Xbox One has a USB insert, so it should.

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You just need a usb with 2 plug ins on both sides like this Screenshot 2020-12-15 at 2.46.35 PM so plug it into the bottom of your 360 (The small plug) and plug the other plug (the big plug) into your xbox one, and it should be able to work on games like gears.