Any advantage on elite controller?

Just curious to know because I never had one. But I definitely heard players from my friends list say that wall bouncing becomes much more easier for them.

I’m not attempting to buy one yet. Although I’ve seen it’s well over £100.

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I moved to an elite after playing tournament on a regular controller. I’ve been playing with an elite for almost a year now and my movement is still better and more controlled on tournament due to the way my thumb grips the left analog. The benefit you have with the elite is that my left index finger is free to use the left trigger. I’ve also had numerous issues with my elite so I’m not convinced they are worth the money.

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It is a sensational controller until things start going wrong with it. In my case

  • Month 4: Right Bumper became intermittently non responsive.
  • Month 6: 2 of the 4 rear paddles stopped working
  • Month 7: 1 of the locking switches for the triggers snapped off
  • Month 10: Left thumbstick developed forward stick drift
  • Month 11; It has gone back to MS for replacement

It is poorly built and a disgrace that they charge so much for shoddy workmanship. But it is great in terms of triggers and tightness of control, when it works!

My advice: wait for Elite Series 3. Whenever that is.


I’ll agree and disagree all at once. You aren’t wrong. The build quality is lacking for the price. You’d think just shy of $200 would get you something that would last for years.

Right now Microsoft is warranting them for a year because of the problems.

I’ve had two of the original elites. I still occasionally use one. The other is toast. It’s unresponsive sometimes with the buttons. The trigger stops no longer work.

I currently use an elite 2. Advantages are of course the ability to absolutely customize your settings. The use of paddles can free up other fingers and make movement easier. There is a learning curve though.

The one thing I absolutely love about it is the ability to put tension on the thumb sticks. I almost can’t play with an original controller anymore.

Is it worth it? If you have some money to burn and want the ability to use paddles, yes. Is it going to improve your game tremendously…no.

I use one of my paddles for left stick click. I always found clicking the stick to mark messed up my aim. Love it just for that. I also think clicking sticks often is what makes them drift earlier.

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It’s always the same. These Elite controllers are dope when they work but break after a few weeks/months. Doesn’t matter what company makes them, it’s always the same. I’ve learned my lesson back in the 360 days with the Razer Onza. Went through 4 of them in 3 months. Never again,

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Back in the day, I had Nintendo controllers I beat on for years. Never an issue.

They may have gone down in quality too. Haven’t owned one since the Wii.

Wish Nintendo would build an elite Xbox controller.


I am on my 5th elite series 2 controller… In the past year…

The RB starts to double tap about 1-2 months in, which means you jam your gun all the time, when trying to reload…

It is an absolutely joke… A 200-300 dollar controller which consistently last about a month, under moderate use (couple/few hours per day)

When it works, it is great… Then it starts to fail, in a way which in this game is extremely annoying and highly visible…


Just for balance. I have had an Elite Controller series 1 & 2 and barely seen an issue.

I got the series 1 when Gears 4 was out at launch and never had an issue until about a month before the series 2 launched when my left stick started to drift slightly. Which obviously was suspiciously great timing because then I got a series 2 and I have not had anything wrong with it since I got it.

As for it making you better? Nah. I was rubbish at PvP before and still am.

But it does mean I can map buttons to the paddles and lock my triggers which makes playing with any other controller really weird.

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Kinda yeah imo you get a bit quicker response on trigger pulls less dead zone(or adjustable anyways) and less finger dancing with the ability to map buttons. Having a higher right stick is also amazing for quicker more precise aiming. It’s a bit of a learning curve but once you got it locked down there is no going back to a standard controller. If I don’t have my elite I don’t play it’s that simple. Draw back on the elite 2 for me was backpads are smaller but I just used my elite 1 backpads on it and sometimes issues with backpad presses but I think it’s in part how I pull in and down on the press.


I play on a $15 control & was on of the best in the game in TDM & warzone.

No it doesn’t matter.

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If you learn to use at least 8 fingers. It’s great.
But if you only use 4 fingers I don’t see the benefits.

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Anyone tried the PowerA controllers with the paddles?

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When they release it with the upgraded Series X model:

Xbox Series X-2 Elite Doritos and Mountain Dew Edition


Which controller do you use now? And which control scheme and/or claw?

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Controller is just a matter of preference, I bought the elite series 2 just cause I didn’t want another controller in which the bumper would break down quickly, I remember that one of the things they were promoting as was a long lasting controller and I have had controllers break down several times so I didn’t want that to happen again, aside from that nothing if I could have a standard controller that would easily last me around 2 or 3 years I wouldn’t have a problem playing with one either.

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Before I got one I knew why I wanted it and what it would allow me to do. If you aren’t sure of that yet or don’t know then you may want to try to answer those questions first.

If you’re talking about improving wallbouncing, then it may not be any different than switching to tournament. In fact I think the LB button has potential for faster bouncing if you’re looking to hyper bounce (which is dumb if you ask me).

The thing that improves for me is hard aiming while rolling or up A/reaction shotting becomes much easier. It’s awkward doing that on tournament controls

I have right paddle set to tac com and left set to the A button. Since I played tournament I thought keeping that function on the left hand would make it easier to learn. Tac com is on right paddle so that I can use it while turning my camera (it’s a button on tournament)

If you’re on default then I recommend moving A button to right paddle so you’ll be using the same hand.

Took me a couple of weeks at least to get the hang of it where I wasn’t accidentally doing weird things anymore.

Get a replacement plan.


If you only play PvE, like I do now, then it is totally not worth it.


Start with a 360 controller first, I have only wall bounced once with a One S controller and that was a year ago.

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Same exact thing happened to me about six months in. Luckily, it was under warranty, so I simply had it repaired and sent back. But then it started happening again.

Honestly, while I love the weight of the controller and the triggers specifically, the Series X controller is actually… better? Ever since getting the new console, I’ve switched my preferred controller from the $180 Elite v.2 to the basic out of the box Series X controller instead. It’s nice.

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My understanding is that they are the same. Great until they don’t work. I will say Power A stands behind their warranty. My kids ran some for a while.

Biggest downside is the elite only comes wired. No go for me.

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