Any 5v5 game modes?

After a loooooonnnggg break from Gears, me and my squad are trying to play a 5v5 game. Other than Guardian, are there any other 5v5 game modes to play?

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It was transitioned to 4v4 w couple months ago, so Idk

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Who knows. I don’t.

Nah dude… they regressed for some reason.

I guess connection issues or some like that but still… just shows how out of touch whoever calling the shots is.

Instead of improving their game they keep regressing & call it “innovating” or “methodical”…

They can’t fix something they strip it instead…


yes it pissed you off very much, I hope the connection problems are fixed and it means 5v5 comes back with OP 7 in quick play hopefully

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Thanks all.

Guardian is all a man needs in life

Guardian is 5v5

Versus A.I.